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10 Things We Wish We’d Known Before Going Off Grid

Things We Wish We’d Known Continued

6) Bears like trash. Dealing with food waste and other trash is a higher priority than you might think.

7) Splitting firewood requires lots of tedious work. Do everything you can to increase heating and cooking efficiencies to decrease fuel needs.

8) Yurt design was better for the colder months than the summer heat.

9) Temporary is longer than you think: make sure whatever is “temporary” is also “comfortable”.

10) You can do things you didn’t know you could do.

Watch the video below for additional insights and details. It’s a fun video to watch. And, as always, Learn, Act and Share.



Source & Images: Nick Fouch & Esther Emery. Her mother, Carla Emery, wrote the homesteading and self sufficiency classic, “The Encyclopedia of Country Living.”

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