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Monthly Archives: October 2015

How To Make A “Fire Joint” FireStarter

A Firestarter By Another Name

Leo Hardesty of the Irish Zombie Nation demonstrates how to make a “fire joint” firestarter.

While squatting on the excellent PREPAREDMIND101 YouTube channel, Leo reminds me why I don’t like Vaseline covered cotton balls. And how he avoids using them to start his fires.

firejoint firestarter

Making A Fire Joint FireStarter

You need 4 items:

  1. A piece of newspaper,
  2. Some petroleum jelly,
  3. Cotton and dryer lint, and
  4. A spreading stick.

Assemble and store. That’s it. [The “fire joint” name comes from the assembly process.]

See how it’s all done in the video below.

Enjoy and Share.



Source & Image: PREPAREDMIND101 and Leo Hardesty

Would Your City Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Why You Shouldn’t Live In ANY City?

Career Builder and EMSI (a medical information services provider) collect data all the time. Here, they took the data on the 53 largest cities in America and filtered it through 4 criteria:

  1. Defense: Military population, law enforcement, security, availability of small arms,
  2. Containment: The number of engineers and construction workers available, along with population density,
  3. Cure: High percentages of the population in the biomedical research and development field, and
  4. Food: Exports in nonperishable food and wholesale goods industries are critical.

So once all this data is crunched and spit out (definitely not Zombie-like), these cities now can be ranked for Z-Survival.


Zombie Apocalypse


Spoiler Alert For Nashville

For instance, if you live in Nashville:

  • you’re 37th in Defense
  • 30th in Containment
  • 29th in Cure, and
  • 15th in Food.

You’re the 33rd safest city overall … and you are now a lumbering Zombie.

Want to see how your (nearby) city ranks? GO HERE.

Enjoy and Share.

Source: Sarah Burton is an excellent staff writer for BuzzFeed. See all of her “outside the box” articles here.

Image: Felicia Davis

Bunker Hill Night Vision Security Camera Review

Economical Night Vision Camera

Are you looking for a low-cost but not low-quality night vision security camera?

The Survivalist Prepper does a quick video review of Bunker Hill’s Color Security Camera with Night Vision. Features:

Night Vision Security Camera

Night Vision Security Camera

  • Flat panel monitor with adjustable picture and audio
  • Video and audio out for use with second monitor or VCR
  • Infrared night vision cameras with IR illuminators
  • 360° swivel camera mounts
  • Comes with 2 pc input cable, 1 single channel output cable

VIDEO Review On Page 2

15 Essential Crops For Your Survival Garden

I’m Not A Farmer

I’ve always grown roses, planted trees, and helped maintain my wife’s flower and herb gardens. But I’ve never grown food crops in any substantial way. And that’s going to change, because …

field of corn

Corn Field

I am a prepper.

Part of my preparedness lifestyle is to always be honing and/or developing new survival skills. Skills that add to my self-reliance and eventually to my self-sufficiency.

LIST Of Crops On PAGE 2

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