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Monthly Archives: November 2015

[Video Review] Rapdom Tactical Messenger Bag

72 Hour Tactical Survival Kit

According to Chris Tanner of PreparedMind101, the Rapdom Tactical Messenger Bag just may be the best bag for an organized, 72-hour survival kit.

Definitely not a Mongo knockoff, this bag holds a lot of gear needed to help you get through several days of an emergency situation.

Rapdom 72-Hour Bag

Rapdom 72-Hour Bag

More affordable than most other bags in this category, Tanner packs just under 20 pounds of gear into the variety of pockets and pouches.

(No need to over-pack, or fill every nook and cranny. 20 lbs. of equipment is more than enough for a 72-hour kit. If not, there may be other issues. Just sayin’.)

VIDEO Review & Bag Hacks On PAGE 2

47 Preparedness Items To Carry In Your Truck Or Car

Items To Bring When Traveling In Your Vehicle

You carry a spare tire. You own vehicle insurance. Why? Because it’s prudent (and, yes, mandatory). You want to be prepared for flats and accidents. But insurance and spares are the barest of minimums to “carry” when traveling.

overloaded van

Got Everything?

Whether you’re taking a family vacation or bugging out (or back in), you’ve must be prepared for a variety of surprise survival scenarios. Safe travel is a basic prep activity.



[Video] The Wild Chanterelle Mushroom

The Nutritious Chanterelle Mushroom

Long term survival skills include foraging for healthy wild edibles. There are few natural forest foods as nutritious as the chanterelle mushroom. Easily identified by its yellow top and stem, it’s one of the richest sources of vitamin D and potassium. Even some vitamin C.

The chanterelle is found throughout Europe and North America. A cluster-growing mushroom, it’s usually spotted in pine forests or mountainside birch woodlands.

Scrambled Eggs And Mushrooms

In the video below, Survival Lily grabs some chanterelle mushrooms for a scrambled egg breakfast at her bug out camp.

Batoning for a breakfast fire, she cooks up a nice meal. There are a number skills displayed in this quick video. Watch and

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Image: Strobilomyces

[Video] An Underrated Prep: Sandbags

Sandbag Preparations

Are sandbags a truly useful preparedness item? Canadian Prepper discusses the issue in his latest video.

soldier carrying sandbags

Underrated Prep: Sandbags

For one thing, they’re inexpensive and do have many uses, so there is high utility to cost ratio. Some uses talked about include:

  • flood protection,
  • fortifications and defense,
  • short-term shelter builds,
  • some radiation protection,
  • sanitation uses,
  • part of a bug out kit, and
  • similar uses to heavy-duty plastic bags.

There are also links in the video to other sandbag discussions.

How Long do They Last?

There is an important concern when using these bags: how long will they last? Most are made to naturally breakdown over time.

A filled sandbag exposed to sunlight will break down within months. Even stored bags may be worthless after a couple of years.

Burlap bags, reducing ultraviolet(UV) light exposure, and adding concrete to the mix are possible longevity solutions. Watch the video below, and

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Image: Canadian Prepper

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