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Monthly Archives: December 2015

[Video] How To Build Your Emergency Trauma Kit

Not A Simple First Aid Kit

The medical kit we’re talking about here is for serious injuries, for  trauma. So there are no band-aids, first aid creams, etc.

trauma kit items

Emergency Trauma Kit

In the video below, SkinnyMedic shows what belongs in your kit. Along with his preferences, he suggests several options for each item category. There is one item he reluctantly recommends … but only if you’re trained in its use (9:30 mark of video).


[Video] How To Make Acorn Coffee

Acorns For Food And Wilderness Beverage

As a wild edible source, acorns are very nutritious. Loaded with carbs, minerals, fats, and some vitamins, they’re a wonderful survival food. However, this oak tree nut is filled with tannins: without processing, the taste is very bitter.

acorns in skillet roasting over an open fire

Roasting Acorns For Coffee


In the video below, Survival Lilly shows how to process acorns to remove those tannins:

  • peel off the skin and seed coat,
  • slice into pieces,
  • boil in water to remove the tannins.

This takes both time and water since the boiling process must be repeated several times to remove the bitterness. Lilly does mention an alternative tannin removal procedure in the video.

Roasted Food Or Hot Coffee

Once processed, the acorn fruit can be mashed to make coffee or roasted for a nutty treat. Watch the video below for more details. And, as always,

Learn, Act and Share.



Source & Image: Survival Lilly

[Video Review] Wilderness Skills DVD

Survival Skills DVD By Sigma 3 Founder

Black Scout Survival does a quick review of Survival Summit’s 2-disc DVD set on wilderness survival skills. Using Sigma 3 Survival School’s founder Rob Allen as a guide, the dvds walk you through the finest details of the most required skills sets.

Although hardly a survival novice, Black Scout was still impressed with the layered “All Night” fire, which burned warmly for 40+ hours while Allen filmed the dvds … for 40+ hours without adding wood.

black scout survival

Wilderness Skills DVD


So if you’re interested in learning how to build cold/warm weather shelters, filter water primitively, procure your own food, and 3 hours more of wilderness skills, you may want to invest in this set.

Discount Code Valid Through January, 29 2016

Black Scout reveals his time-sensitive 20% discount code towards the video end. Just go here to learn more about the DVD set, and you can redeem the code at checkout.

These skills need to be understood and practiced. Cranking up these videos during a severe survival scenario (assuming you could) will probably do you little good. But you already know that.

As always, Learn, Act and Share.



Source & Image: Survival Summit and Black Scout Survival

Pistol Carry Options For Women

The Big SheBang®

If you’re a woman looking for a concealed carry holster for full-sized pistols, The Patriot Nurse reviews her choice.

pistol carry options for womwn

Carry Options

For her EDC she uses the The Big SheBang® women’s holster for large firearms. She finds it comfortable to wear without limiting her “fashion options”. And she likes the variety of holster positions:

  • Appendix carry
  • 2 kidney holsters, and
  • 3 additional pockets (magazines, taser, phone, etc.).

If there’s one thing she doesn’t like it’s the sometimes difficult one-hand clearing.


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