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7 Small Farm Ideas For The Non-Farmer

In-Depth Farming Ideas

Ever considered starting a small farm? A survival garden that feeds you and your family? Could a micro-farm be successful? Don’t know where to start … or even if you should?

Doctor and author, Tarrin P Lupo, interviewed 10 small-scale farmers across the country to get their insights and tips on starting and maintaining such a farm. What kind of farms? The discussion includes organic farming and:

  • Organic chicken farming (at the 2:42 mark)
  • Goat farming (12:43)
  • Beef cattle (14:32)
  • Worm farming (22:40)
  • Maple syrup (33:35)
  • Aquaculture fish farming and Aquaponics (36:32)
  • Urban fruit tree farming (52:40)



Image: Vasyliy Oliynyk

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