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50 DIY Prepper Survival Hacks

All Your Prep Info In One Place?

Have you collected or bookmarked of all the prepper DIY YouTube videos you’ve watched over the past couple of years? You have them all in one place, the same computer folder, right?

You don’t?

survival hacks

Jim Cobb’s 50 Survival Hacks

Well, after you watched these great preparedness “how-to” videos, you immediately tried these projects yourself. You built up an excellent set of do-it-yourself survival skills, correct?

You didn’t?

You at least started a binder of detailed directions on how to to build a solar still, or how to prepare DIY MRE’s, or assemble a self-igniting fire starter, or how to build a belt pouch survival kit, or how to … ?

I hope you all did. I didn’t.

Survival Hacks

So I was glad to see Jim Cobb’s book Prepper’s Survival Hacks: 50 DIY Projects for Lifesaving Gear, Gadgets and Kits.

Author of at least eight preparedness books, Cobb in this “Survival Hacks” book details 50 do-it-yourself survival projects: the materials you need, and easy to follow step-by-step instructions.

Survival Hacks

Survival Hacks

The book has seven sections:

  1. Water-related Projects,
  2. Food Acquisition,
  3. Cooking,
  4. Fire,
  5. Lighting,
  6. Survival Kits, and
  7. Miscellaneous

It’s an excellent resource for both the novice and advanced prepper.

Want to know how to build a workplace emergency kit, fire straws, a brick rocket stove, or an osmosis water filter? Check out Jim Cobb’s book. Up your prepper game by acquiring these prepper skills.

Images: Amazon

How To Make A Torch … From A Red Bull Can

Survival Lilly Makes A Torch

First, you need a Red Bull® can. If there’s Red Bull in it, you’ve got to drink it. All of it. (A survival skill?)

can torch and holder

Can Torch

Lilly then

  • Builds a torch-holder stake,
  • Uses willow shoots for the torch frame, hand-made cordage, and a nifty slip ring,
  •  “Cheats” with lamp oil.

She says she’s working on a natural oil solution for a future video. I’m guessing she’s also using a store bought cotton wick.

Enjoy the details.



Source & Image: Survival Lilly

How To Make A $1500 Chicken Sandwich

A Chicken Sandwich From Scratch

Taylor Lewin has a YouTube channel titled How To Make Everything. It’s a series of videos on how he attempts to make ordinary, everyday items from scratch. For example,

  • How To Make A Bottle … From Scratch, and
  • How to Make Tools … From Scratch.

In this short, compilation video, How To Make A Chicken Sandwich From Scratch, he grows and processes his own vegetables, makes his own salt from ocean water, milks a cow to make cheese, grinds his own flour from wheat, collects his own honey, and kills a chicken.

chicken sandwich

It’s a 6 month endeavor that cost $1,500.

The Survival Lesson

The survival lesson? It’s simply that folks who aren’t prepping, who aren’t honing a variety of survival skills are probably going to starve if SHTF. Unless, of course, they can wait six months for a single chicken sandwich.

[If you want more detail, watch for the ” Go To Episode …” links on the bottom left of the player for the different video chapters in this Make A Sandwich series.]




Images: ClkerFreeVectorImages and Tina

[Video] How To Make Survival Salt From Seawater

An Essential Mineral Nutrient

If you live near the coast, you have access to an essential mineral nutrient that’s necessary for both maintaining human health and for better tasting food. You have access to salt, of course.

And beyond taste, having a supply of salt allows for possible barter (some of my salt for some of your …), and for meat preservation with salt rubs.

salt in hand

Salt From Sea Water

4 steps

The steps for making salt from seawater are straightforward:

  • Gather clear seawater. Avoid polluted or very cloudy water. If the fish are safe to eat, the water should be fine.
  • Strain the water to remove bits of seaweed, etc. (Use a sock, if necessary.)
  • Boil until approximately half the water is evaporated. Probably a couple of hours. (Yes, you’re burning your fuel, but your getting salt.)
  • Transfer mixture to a flat pan or metal sheet to let the sun complete the drying process.

If you want to add additional flavors (lemon, bourbon, or smoked), check this out.

Watch the video below for more details:



Source Inspiration: The very wise Tess Pennington, author of The Prepper’s Blueprint.

Image: LoggaWiggler