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Video Tour Of The SouthernPrepper1 Homestead

Video Tour Of Property

Dave, the SouthernPrepper1, gives a walkabout tour of his property in South Carolina.

pears on tree

Pears To Pear Chips

Topic-wise, he covers a lot of ground, including

  • Two varieties of pear trees with different harvest times,
  • A comparison of the Nesco and Excalibur® Dehydrators,
  • Pear chips,
  • “Sparkler wire”–yes, the 4th of July kind,
  • Shelves into bunks,
  • A portable storage building into a bug out camp,
  • Bug out groups, and
  • Great news about the Maineprepper.

Prepper Lifestyle

Like I said, all over the place. It’s a great insight into the lifestyle of dedicated prepper family.

[Update] Dave has made significant improvements since this video. It’s well worth subscribing to his channel.

Enjoy and Share.



Pear Image: Francien Post

[Video] Apostol Auto-Feed Rocket Stove

Apostol Rocket Stove 2016 Version

If you’re in the market for the latest in rocket stoves–or even just a bit curious–you’ll want out check out this video.

stove ready to go

Apostol Rocket Stove Assembled

Engineer775 of Practical Preppers assembles and tests the newest stove version built by Gabriel Apostol. If you’ve never heard of him, he’s been designing and perfecting the rocket stove concept for several years. His company, Bristol Rocket, manufactures this 2016 model.

With the latest design improvements, both Engineer775 and Apostol believe this to be one of the best rocket stoves available. Here’s why:

VIDEO And Stove Features On Page 2

[Video] SunDanzer Solar Freezer

From Sun To Ice Cubes

In a previous video, Engineer775 and his crew installed a 3-array off grid solar system for a homeowner client. In the video below, he talks about the SunDanzer direct current (dc) powered freezer installed in the same household.

They’re using this freezer unit to minimize the load on the inverter. The inverter coverts dc power from the batteries to alternating current (ac) for powering the rest of the home.

Essentially, this freezer uses power directly from the batteries (and charge controllers) … almost direct from the sun.


[Video] Fire Escape Ladders: A Basic Home Prep

Fire Escape Ladder: Part Of Your Home Prep

In most “fire topic” posts, I discuss how to start fires, the tinder, or your core survival temperature. This post is a little different: it’s about a way to evacuate your family from the second floor of a home that’s on fire.

Most two-story homes have a single staircase to the ground floor. If you have to leave through a window, you’ll need some sort of an escape ladder.

climbing out bedroom window

Testing Fire Escape Ladder

Chris Tanner Of PreparedMind 101 reviews the Kidde KL-2S Fire Escape Ladder. The ladder is 13 feet long (there’s also a 25′ 3-story version) and 0ne foot wide.

Watching Tanner climb out his second-story for an escape test is worth the video view.

Escape Test And Review VIDEO On The NEXT PAGE