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5 Lessons Learned While Searching For Bug Out Property

Wrong Land, Bug-Out Nightmares?

The after nightmare: The SHTF and you and your family immediately head to your bug out land where you’ve prepped a camp with food stocks and other survival supplies.

lake view

A Good Land Choice?

And you’re met there by an armed group who quickly invite you off their land … possession being 9/10th’s and all that.

Or a version of nightmare #1: You’ve dragged your family and supplies to your camp, and four days later you meet the neighbor … and twenty of his family members who are hungry and ornery and who knows what else.

On PAGE 2:  5 Things To Consider Before You Purchase Land

Survival Sanitation When The SHTF

Sanitation Tips When Bugging In Or Out

There seems to be little discussion about sanitation preparedness for disaster scenarios. We talk about knives and gear, survival skill sets, food and water storage, the rule of 3’s, and self defense, ….

old desert outhouse


But when it comes to pee, crap, and trash (sorry, but it’s what we’re talking about), there’s not much dialogue. It’s going to be an issue if municipal systems break down or if you’re bugging out.

ARTICLE And Details Continued On Page 2

Things Preppers Do: Water Tank Recycle

The Things Preppers Do

“Some are fun. Some are dangerous. And some may just be stupid,” says Scott, the owner of engineer775 Practical Preppers.

Says Scott, as he’s moving a 21′ water tank that gravity-fed a greenhouse for years. A tank he bought for $200.

Moving Newly Purchased Water Tank

Moving Newly Purchased Water Tank

As the tank rolls off the trailer onto his property, he wonders how to both prep and then use this tank:

  • as an underground cache, or
  • a water tower, or
  • as a bunker.

Short VIDEO (And Tank Unload) On Page 2

[Video Review] AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

Does Your Tap Water Glow In The Dark?

Below is the J.J. Johnson’s of Reality Survival video review of the AquaGear® Radiological Water Filter.

AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

He looks at both the pitcher filter and the filter straw.

Important: These filters are designed to be used with tap water: water that has been filtered of gross particles. They are not field pack filters … although I would carry the straw filter in my bug out kit.

Made in the USA and 100% BPA free, the AquaGear filters remove gross beta particles; they don’t make completely irradiated water safe.

Maybe these should passed out to the residents of Flint, MI and paid for by the politicians and bureaucrats who authorized and oversaw that mess. Just sayin’.

Test Results And VIDEO REVIEW On Page 2