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12 Of The Best Phone Apps For Survival & Prep

The Smartest Smartphone Survival Apps

With all the memory and computing power of today’s smartphones, it makes sense to use them as a survival tool resource.

smartphone leaning against tree

Smartphone Prep And Survival Apps

From tying knots and emergency trauma first aid … to recognizing animal tracks and accessing topographical maps, there is an app with that information. Information you just may need to help you survive in a disaster situation.

And like all apps, they are just a download away.

On PAGE 2: The 12 Apps LIST With LINKS

The Prepper Family: From Apathy To Dedicated

Beans, Bullets And Band-Aids

Having trouble getting other family members into the prepper lifestyle? Is your wife, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend less than enthusiastic about prepping? Even hostile?

Well, the ThePatriotNurse may have a “marketing” solution to your problem. A solution for moving your prepper family from apathetic to dedicated.

Using a three-pronged approach based on Beans, Bullets and Band-Aids, she offers suggestions on how you may persuade the apathetic to get on board.

The persuasion topics:

On Beans (Food)

  • A biblical viewpoint
  • As a wise steward of our resources

On Bullets (Security)

  • Being responsible for the personal security of others, especially children

On Band-Aids (Supplies)

  • Stuff vs. skills, and how stuff without skills limits the usefulness of the “stuff”.

As always, The Patriot Nurse is entertaining … and very persuasive herself.

Enjoy the video. And maybe pick up a couple of pointers.



15 No-Cost Preps

No Cost Preparations

When we first began prepping, collecting gear seemed the obvious way to start. Spent more money than I probably should have. I wanted all the newest, the latest cutting-edge “shiny things”. It was a newbie error.

yoga position

Preparation Is The Key

Make no mistake: you need survival gear. But owning it and knowing how to use it are very different things.

And, you also need the info on what is a must-have item today … and a good add-on  item to be purchased later.

LIST Of 15 “No-Cost” Preps On PAGE 2


If You’re Buying A Gun, Read This First

Here’s What’s Important

The important point of this post is:  if you’re in the market for buying a gun make sure you do your research first. Better research, better buying results.

dogs and men with shotguns

Good Day With Your Shotgun

You should never, ever, let a store clerk be your sole source of gun-buying info. Go into the store prepared:

6 Gun Purchase Preparations On Page 2

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