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[Video] An Underrated Prep: Sandbags

Sandbag Preparations

Are sandbags a truly useful preparedness item? Canadian Prepper discusses the issue in his latest video.

soldier carrying sandbags

Underrated Prep: Sandbags

For one thing, they’re inexpensive and do have many uses, so there is high utility to cost ratio. Some uses talked about include:

  • flood protection,
  • fortifications and defense,
  • short-term shelter builds,
  • some radiation protection,
  • sanitation uses,
  • part of a bug out kit, and
  • similar uses to heavy-duty plastic bags.

There are also links in the video to other sandbag discussions.

How Long do They Last?

There is an important concern when using these bags: how long will they last? Most are made to naturally breakdown over time.

A filled sandbag exposed to sunlight will break down within months. Even stored bags may be worthless after a couple of years.

Burlap bags, reducing ultraviolet(UV) light exposure, and adding concrete to the mix are possible longevity solutions. Watch the video below, and

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Image: Canadian Prepper

Irish Zombie Nation Survival Fire Kit

Fire Kit Contents And Modifications

Leo from Irish Zombie Nation goes through his survival fire kit. I like his use and modifications of a Condor Pocket Organizer. All organizer changes are shown in the video.

fire kit

Fire Kit In Condor

Here are the fire kit contents:

For fire:

  • a Bic lighter wrapped in duct tape and 550 cord,
  • the ferro rod originally in the handle of the Schrade SC AXE2, and
  • a waterproof canister filled with matches.

The VIDEO And What’s For Tinder On Page 2

Prepper’s Supplies for Power Outages

Dependence On Electricity

We are so dependent on electricity for light, comfort, cooking, and sanitation that any power outage becomes a major headache for the unprepared.

And it doesn’t have to be an EMP, or a natural or man-made disaster: the U.S power grid is frail enough to “fall down” on its own.

power lines in a field

Vulnerable Power Grid?

By definition, the prepper lifestyle demands preparedness.

Compare your prep level to the Survivalist Prepper as he inventories his “lights out” kit and power outage supplies. [You can watch his video on the Next Page of this post.]

An annual exercise, he checks supply levels and expiration dates. Below is his actual inventory list:

The Lights Out Kit

What it is…

It’s for stuff that you don’t want touched … I like to have a stash set up that I know for a fact that I have the supplies that I think I have.

It’s for stuff you won’t use regularly … I have supplies around the house that I hope will be there when we need them, and I have supplies stored in my lights out kit that I know will be there when I need them.

It’s an easy go to for family. …  if I am gone I know that the family can just go grab the lights out kit and have everything they need.

Light Out Kit Supply Ideas

  • Flashlights
  • Batteries
  • Candles
  • Solar USB Chargers
  • Lanterns
  • Head Lamps
  • Crank Radio
  • Games & Playing Cards
  • Lighters
  • Matches
  • Battery Tester (A must have!)
  • Glow Sticks
  • Power Inverter
  • Extension Cords

Emergency Power Kit Maintenance & Precautions

Rotate and check supplies yearly. Twice a year is even better …

Some supplies can’t handle extreme temperatures. If you store this (or any supplies) in the garage or shed you need to make sure items like batteries and food are not stored in them … batteries need to be stored at a temperature between 60 and 85 degrees to get maximum shelf life.

Do not store liquids or fuels in the kit. If you have oil lamps or supplies that use other fuels you don’t want to store them with your other supplies …

Other Important Power Outage Supplies

  • Power Inverter for car
  • Generator
  • Solar Generator
  • Fuel Storage – Gas, Propane, Coleman fuel etc.
  • Books and Games
  • Stored Water: 1 Gallon Per Day, Per Person Minimum.
  • Stored Food: 2 Weeks Minimum.


  • Spare 5 gallon bucket
  • 5 Gallon Bucket Toilet Lid
  • Trash Bags – Small for Toilet/Large for Trash
  • Cat Litter and Blue Gel Port-a-Potty Chemicals
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Nitrile Gloves
  • Solar Shower

Cooking Food

  • Dutch Oven
  • Coleman Propane Stove
  • BBQ Grill
  • All American Sun Oven
  • Camp Stoves

Too Much is Never Enough

This seems like a lot of supplies right? Well, if you need to go an extended period of time without power your lights out kit is going to seem like it’s not enough.

Survivalist Prepper VIDEO On Page 2

What’s Trending In Prep Foods To Store

Storing Nutritious Foods

The prepper community is always discussing food storage. What to purchase, what prep foods to store.

Over the years there’s been evolution in prepper thought on this topic. From:

mason jar with nutritious food

Nutritious Foods

  • Store what no one enjoys eating, because …
  • To the “everlasting” freeze-dried,
  • To store what everyone enjoys eating AND is nutritious.

The nutritious items on your prep food shopping list should be well thought out. Remember, that in survival situations, medical resources will probably be scarce, if available at all. The nutritious food you store may be your best survival “medical plan”.

First In, First Out

And, as always, rotate your stores. First in, first out.

… I’ve seen a lot of attitudes change over the years … Lately I’m seeing a refreshing combination of thoughtfulness, science, and practicality in discussions around food storage …

Part 1, The Early Years … I hit the internet and started reading up … A lot of people suggesting large stockpiles of “foods you don’t really like”.  Why?  The feeling at the time seemed to be that if you stocked up on foods you commonly ate the temptation to dig into your emergency stash every time you were out … would deplete your stockpile.  Lots of people were talking about storing Spam, sardines, MREs … that while high in calories and protein were not that appealing …

Part 2, The High Tech Approach.  Suddenly several companies popped up offering freeze dried meals that lasted forever and were pretty tasty.  This made a little more sense to me but at the time was a pretty expensive approach … Actually not a bad way to go if you’re in that position and have the money …

Part 3, A Prudent Approach To Food Storage.  … [Recently] I’ve seen many articles and blog posts that lean more towards storing foods that you like, that your family eats on a regular basis … combined with a more scientific approach to calculating not only calories needed but also a balance of protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals.




… I like to stock up on dry goods that will last a long time along with canned goods that my family likes.  I throw in protein bars that we like and snacks of different types along with vitamin and mineral supplements as well …

… You simply start buying a little extra of the things you normally buy (that store well) whenever you’re shopping and have a few extra dollars to spend … For me somewhere between three and six months is the right amount given where I live and the other preps  and plans I have built up over the years.

Source: Butch C. is a prolific contributing author on the always original Prep-Blog. There’s no better prepping source than Butch.

Image: Condesign