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25 Survival Myths That Hurt More Than Help

Situational Skills Vs Survival Myths

There are situational skills that may save your life, if you know what you’re doing. There are also “common knowledge” reactions that may do more harm than good. The folks at list25 call them survival myths.

bears fighting

Grizzly Bear Myths
What are they? Well, survival is more than knowing what to do. Don’t be foolish and use common sense. The best way to survive a deadly scenario is to not get yourself into a deadly scenario. Survival is about prevention as well as a skill set.

This “myth list” include:

  • What to drink (think urine, cactus, alcohol)
  • What to do when impaled
  • How to use tourniquets
  • Moss and the North side
  • Doorways and earthquakes
  • Boiling water
  • Eating snow
  • “Here comes a bear!” (Well, is it black or a grizzly?)

Want the details? Watch below:



Source: list25

Image: Steppinstars

[Video] Mark Steyn Draws A Line In The Sand

Barbarians At, And Within, The Gate

Author and radio host, Mark Steyn, delivers a compelling speech imploring citizens of the free world to stand fast against the barbarians, against the terrorists who threaten western civilization.

mark steyn speech

Mark Steyn

With humor and insightful rhetoric, he mocks The New York Times and Yale University Press for “selective sensitivity” on what they publish, and on what they now don’t dare print … kowtowing to demands of Dark Age tribes and “enlightened” elites.

Short VIDEO Of Steyn Speech On PAGE 2

[Video] Bushcraft Camping In Northwest England

Bushcraft Camping: The Lake District

Mike and friends of MCQBushcraft spend a couple of days exploring the conifer forest and mountain streams of The Lakes in England.

As my wife and I watched this video, we just wanted to be there.

the Lakes Of Enngland

England’s Lake District

It reminded us of our camping trips to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Adirondacks in upstate New York, and a long ago hiking adventure in Washington State.

VIDEO Of Camping Tour On PAGE 2

[Video] 1961 Army Special Forces: Bow & Arrow Vs. Firearms

Silent Warriors

This video from around 1961 highlights the bow and arrow skills of the “Silent Warriors” from the Army’s 19th Group Special Forces Group, based at Draper, Utah. This is before the Green Berets.

bow and arrow vs. 1961 army firearms

Penetrating Power Of The Arrow

This 2½ minute clip titled the “Silent Warriors” is from an episode of the US Army series “The Big Picture.” It discusses the potential superiority of the bow and arrow in certain tactical situations including:

  • accuracy and extremely powerful and penetrating strikes,
  • “swift silence” over long distances, and
  • not revealing position by muzzle flash or smoke.

A “penetration” challenge test against other small arms projectiles is set up at the firing range.

VIDEO Demonstration And More Details On PAGE 2

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