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Winter Camping In Michigan

14 Friends Camping In The Winter Woods

This is a simple video of friends camping for a couple of days in a Michigan forest. Essentially it was a winter camp meet-up in the Huron National Forest of several guys with YouTube channels.

winter camp around a fire

Winter Camping With Friends

There are no “this is how you this” or “how to do that”; they just do what has to be done for shelter, fire, and food.

So if you want watch winter skills and gear in action, including …

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[Video] 10 Weird Things That Are Illegal In The U.S.

10 Actual Laws

No one can argue that U.S. citizens are increasingly crushed by bureaucratic regulations and local, state, and federal laws. I would argue that for every new law enacted, an older statute should be erased … but that’s a topic for another day.

The video below list the details of 10 laws from various parts of the country that prohibit some pretty weird things. There may have been a sane rationale when these statutes were enacted, but now … well, now they’re just weird.

squirrell with nut

Dogs Don’t
Have To Worry About THIS In Delaware

Here they are:

10. Waking a sleeping bear for THIS is illegal.

9. Snowball fights are illegal HERE.

8. You can’t do THIS with dogs in Delaware.

7. You can’t sell the tail of squirrels HERE.

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[Video] After the Collapse: 15 Kinds Of Dangerous People

Folks Who Pose A HIGHER Than Average Risk

The Canadian Prepper discusses some high risk people, personalities, characters, and groups you may want to avoid in post-disaster scenarios when conventional law is not being enforced.

Under the right circumstances, any of us may be one of these folks.

groups who may be dangerous

Friend Or Foe?

And just because someone may potentially be a possible threat does not mean we need to avoid them altogether. We just have to have a heightened sense of awareness. We need to exercise caution if the right conditions trigger their “threat”.

In desperate times when ethics and morality become ambiguous, any individual may rationalize bad and dangerous behavior if it means protecting (providing for) themselves or their family.

And, of course, certain people will be dangerous threat regardless of the particular conditions.

LIST Of The 15 Groups And The VIDEO Details On Page 2

The Patriot Nurse Has Had Enough

On Treachery … And Paper Tiger Mules

Saying the time for compromise is over, The Patriot Nurse let’s loose on the folks who seek the fruits of your labor using the State as their collection agent.

patriot nurse rant

The Nurse Speaks Up

Some of her most indignant insights include:

  • Why a threatened ban on “assault” weapons won’t work,
  • Why a rural vs. urban clash is more likely than “geographic” unrest,
  • The treachery of modern-day “British (brutish?) Tories” and the”know-better-than-you”, paper-tiger elites,
  • Why you can’t compromise with socialists, that you can’t slick-up a mule and make it a racehorse, and
  • Why she teaches medical skills for families.