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[Video] Top 5 Under Appreciated Semi-Auto Rifles

Once Popular Semi-Automatic Rifles

Here are five overlooked semi-automatic rifles that were both extremely popular and historically significant back in their heyday.

Priced as low as $500, they have been overlooked almost entirely by a generation of shooters.


5 Semi-Auto Rifles

The Five Rifles

  1. Remington Model 8: a little funky, it’s long recoil-operated and uses a rotating bolt head.
  2. Johnson M1941 Rifle (the Betsy): used extensively in the Pacific theater during WII, it eventually lost out to the M1.

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[Video] Seek Vs Therm-App Infrared Imaging Devices

You Get What You Pay For

The Canadian Prepper on Chris’ PREPAREDMIND101 YouTube channel compares two thermal imaging devices: The Seek ($250-$350) and the Therm-App ($950-$2,000).

Both attach to an Android smartphone, but the Seek is also compatible with the iPhone.

infared device


I consider these imagers to be gear “top-off” items. In other words, you already own almost everything else needed for a complete survival kit before you consider an investment in these units.

That being said, infrared imaging devices add a nifty addition to home and camp security: you can “see” in the dark.

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[Video] Review Of HoodWork CRKT Survival Knife

CRKT Survival Knife

BlackScoutSurvival looks at the CRKT survival knife. U.S. made, the Columbia River Knife & Tool production knife is lightweight and well-balanced. Other features:

  • Serrations for quick cord cutting
  • Modified drop-point design
  • Leather sheath

Some comments on the knife review:

Brennan Jones … “Nice knife. I’m not a fan of serrations. I don’t like them in any type of knife, whether its my pocket folder or my bushcraft knives.

I’ve tried them before when I was younger cause they looked like aggressive edges, but if I want to do something that requires a bit more blade, such as batoning, they’re terrible. Nonetheless, it looks like a nice design and I would pick one up if they had a fine edged blade.”

brazen30 … “The Hoodwork is different, but as usual you put it through its paces, and showed us a, beefy full-tang, knife with a large drop-point, that will stand up to whatever you throw at it. The design and look of the handle is pretty cool too. Great review..”




Source & Image: BlackScoutSurvival

[Video Review] Multi-Purpose Belt: The Tybelt

More Than A Belt

“It’s a belt. Well, it’s not a belt. No it is a belt, but it’s more than a belt.”

That’s how SurvivalMike begins his video review of the Tybelt Pro Ultimate Multi-Purpose Belt.

This BBM product (made in France) is an actual trouser belt that’s rated to support 4,850 pounds. Yes, 2.43 tons.

Created for use both in open and closed configurations when mountaineering and rock climbing, this belt can be used in other situations:

  • as a tether strap,
  • as rescue equipment,
  • as a harness, and
  • for securing equipment to bikes and packs

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