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[Video] 25 lb Tactical And Survival Loadout

Or A 3-Season Bug Out Survival Kit

Having just finished a survival training session in Kentucky, David of Ultimate Survival Tips breaks down the required tactical and survival loadout he built for the course.

tactical loadout

Dave Of Ultimate Survival Tips

Although put together for this training, the loadout would serve well in any worst-case scenario event.

Essentially, the ruck and chest rig is a three-season bug out survival kit with a strong tactical emphasis.

A Rifle, A Rucksack, And Chest Loadout Rigs

The combination of gear in his ruck and chest loadout rig includes just about everything you’d need to survive for 72 hours if bugging out … plus whole lot more.


[Video Review] Voyager Solar Crank Emergency Radio

Kaito KA500 Solar Crank Radio

You get a lot of bang for your $50 bucks.

This rubberized emergency radio offers a couple of nifty features, including …

tower seen from forest

Radio Tower

Radio bands:

  • AM ( 520-1717 KHz),
  • FM (88.00- 108.00 MHz),
  • Two Shortwave bands, and
  • 7 standard Weather bands, including NOAA Weather Alert.

Powering options:

  • Hand-crank brush-less generator,
  • 180° tilt solar panel,
  • Ni-MH rechargeable battery pack recharged by crank, solar, AC adapter (not included) and USB cord/port, and
  • 3 normal AA batteries.

And Can Charge Other Devices

The radio is also designed to charge many small electronic items with its USB jack such as your iPod or cellphone.

There are additional features demo’d in the Survivalist Prepper video below.

And, as always, Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source & Image: Survivalist Prepper

Image: Hans Braxmeier

[Videos] EDC Essentials Series: 2016

Every Day Carry (EDC) Series (Introduction)

Chris Tanner of PreparedMind101 starts off 2016 with a video series on how he chooses items for his EDC system. He’s motivated by the fact that many folks are just beginning their prep efforts … and also because so many folks are asking him what’s in his EDC.

But what works for him may not make sense for others. People have different skills, live in different parts of the country, have different jobs, and different levels of risk (acceptance or aversion).

The Introduction Video

With all that in mind, Tanner plans a multi-video series explaining how he decides what are the best EDC items for him. Based on a logical process, he shows how and why he chooses a particular tool.

That tool may not be the best one for your situation, but you can still use the same deductive thought process to choose what is best for you.

Watch Intro Video below for the complete explanation on what he’s trying to do. And as each video comes out, it will be added to this post.



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[Video Review] 3 Survival Rucksacks For Your Dog

Man’s Best Friend Carries His Own Weight

In our household our Lab is another family member. Wherever we go–hiking, camping, to the lake–Timmy (don’t ask) is with us.

And just like others in the family, he gets hungry, thirsty, and sometimes injures his paws. (Actually, no else in my family suffers paw injuries.)

rucksacks for dogs

Dog Gear

We always carried what our dog needed. But after watching the short video below, Timmy is going to start carrying some of his own grub and gear–especially on hikes … and definitely in a bug out situation.

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