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[Video] 18 Survival Gizmos, Gadgets, Gifts, & Gear

Survival Gear For All Budgets

If you’re  hunting for gear and gifts for your family or prepping friends, below is a list of goodies that span the budget range: from $13 to $100.

David of Ultimate Survival Tips compiled the list. Most of these items he’s reviewed in other videos, so he just gives a quick overview of each. But it’s enough info to get you started, to see if you want to investigate further.

survival and prep gear

Survival Gizmos, Gadgets, Gifts, & Gear

List Of 18 Survival Gear Ideas

Watch the video on the next page for more insights about each of these items. I do own the Eton radio, and have purchased VSSL kits in the past. Very satisfied with those. The Eton charges with  a USB, plus solar or a hand-crank charging.

Links to all items can be found at the UST YouTube channel with this video. (Or just Google to Amazon or other sites.) And, as always, Learn, Practice and Share.

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[Video] Walk-Around Jeep Bug Out Vehicle (BOV)

EveryDay Jeep And Bug Out Vehicle

A lot of folks are proud of their every day transportation, especially if it doubles as a very good bug out vehicle (BOV). And that’s why the Armed Rogue and her husband filmed this quick walk-around of their 2014 Jeep Wrangler.

jeep hacks walkaround

“Armed Rogue” And The Rugged Ridge Snorkel

The 2½ minute video highlights some of the modifications they made both inside and out. This Jeep is now an excellent adventure vehicle … it will get you where you need to be in most situations.

Modifications List And Walk-Around VIDEO On The NEXT PAGE

[Video] Winter Gear For Overnight Camping

Winter Overnight Camp Gear

The Canadian Joe Robinet of Joe Robinet Bushcraft empties his pack to show what he’s brought to camp overnight in the forest during winter.

winter pack

Fjallraven Friluft 55 Pack

The red backpack is a Fjallraven Friluft 55. I know they’re also available in dark gray, and that they are also hard to find: usually out of stock. His pack is not stuffed full, but he has more than he needs for a winter overnight.

Unpacking his kit you’ll see he uses a variety of pouches and dump bags. Keeps things neat and organized … easier to find.

Robinet plans a couple of additional videos showing his camp setup, and how he keeps warm throughout the night. This is just the gear video.

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[Video] The Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen Overview

First off, a tactical pen is an actual pen. It writes, and the ink cartridges are replaceable. More importantly, it looks like a regular pen. That means, wherever you can go with a regular pen, you can bring this survival weapon too. (More on this in a moment.)

Neither Knife Nor Pistol Allowed?

Since you can carry it all the time, this pen is a must for your EDC. A word of caution: if the pen looks too tactical, it may not get by TSA screeners or courthouse employees. It will be confiscated.

survival edc weapon

Tactical Pen EDC

Most tactical pens are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The more expensive models are made of titanium. Regardless of material, you should avoid pens with a ink cartridge clicker: it reduces the leverage and striking force of this self-defense tool.

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