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6 CPR Basics Every Prepper Should Know

What To Do If Your CPR Certified … Or Not

Much of our prepping strategies are focused on gear … and how to use it. But survival skill sets are just as important. And among the most important of those is knowing first aid.

heart puzzle

Need To Know CPR Basics

Planning for disaster scenarios certainly must include helping the injured and ill in your family and your group.

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[Video] Willow Bark As A Wilderness Aspirin Substitute

Willow Bark Tea

The medicinal properties of willow bark have been known since ancient times. Salicylic acid, an active ingredient of aspirin, comes from the salicin in the bark. (Enough of the chemistry.)

survival lilly

Harvesting Willow Bark

Like aspirin, a willow bark tea reduces fevers, eases pain, and is an anti-inflammatory. But here’s the trade-off: the tea is bitter, tastes horrible, and can upset your stomach; so it’s only used for the medicinal properties. This is not your morning Earl Grey.

Survival Herb

In the short video below, Survival Lilly demonstrates how she harvests the willow bark and prepares this herbal remedy. Because of it’s excellent healing results, the willow bark is truly a “survival herb”.

As, always, Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source & Image: Survival Lilly

[Video] How To Build Your Emergency Trauma Kit

Not A Simple First Aid Kit

The medical kit we’re talking about here is for serious injuries, for  trauma. So there are no band-aids, first aid creams, etc.

trauma kit items

Emergency Trauma Kit

In the video below, SkinnyMedic shows what belongs in your kit. Along with his preferences, he suggests several options for each item category. There is one item he reluctantly recommends … but only if you’re trained in its use (9:30 mark of video).


[Video] Prepping For The Top 5 Survival Injuries

5 Survival Scenario Injuries

The Patriot Nurse discusses 5 likely-to-happen (to someone) injuries during a SHTF scenario. The discussion includes why these injuries are more likely and how to prep for them. Here you go:


Why: … more manual labor needed.
Prep: … slings/wraps for joint (ankle, wrist, knee) support and pain management medications.

nurse swinging a hatchet

The Patriot Nurse


Why: … thermal burns from open fires/outdoor cooking, sunburns from outdoor activities.
Prep: … aloe and enough stocks of nutritious foods and proteins for healing.

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