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How to Hide Your Wilderness Garden

It’s Your Survival Garden

You’re growing a survival garden for you, for your family, and for your group.

You do not want this wilderness garden to be out in the open for any “passerby”, hungry or not, to spot. Hiding your garden may be very important.

garden next to pond

Hidden Garden Near Pond

What to do? How can you hide it in “plain sight”?

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6 CPR Basics Every Prepper Should Know

What To Do If Your CPR Certified … Or Not

Much of our prepping strategies are focused on gear … and how to use it. But survival skill sets are just as important. And among the most important of those is knowing first aid.

heart puzzle

Need To Know CPR Basics

Planning for disaster scenarios certainly must include helping the injured and ill in your family and your group.

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Top 10 Survival Seeds For Your SHTF Garden

Calorie-Heavy Heirloom Seeds Fertilized Naturally

One of the most important aspects of prepping is a survival food source. Most folks choose the food storage option, rotating bulk stocks to keep supplies fresh.

But if you’re looking for a long-term survival solution, you must consider the garden alternative. It’s hard work with a tough learning curve if you didn’t grow up on a farm.

seeds in hands

Heirloom Seeds

However, if there’s a deep social collapse, how else will you feed your family and members of your group for months … or much longer?


[Video] Compact Outdoor Emergency Warmth Kit

Low Budget, Personal Warmth Kit

All emergencies are not of TEOTWAWKI kind. There are many situations where having an appropriate survival kit handy will save your life.

And if you’re outdoors for any reason during winter, a compact warmth kit is a necessity.

[Video] Compact Outdoor Emergency Warmth Kit

The Swiss outdoorsman Taro, of Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft & Survival, packs his emergency, low budget, warmth kit with four items:

  • a space blanket (two blankets are better),
  • 4 tea candles,
  • a lighter, and
  • 4 strips of tape.

The trick is how you actually use these items.

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