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3 Elements For Ferro Rod Fires Success

Ferro Rod Success

Security, water, shelter and fire. Good start.

So the guy (the skinnier one) on that Weather Channel show makes it look easy igniting fires with his ferro rod. Well it can be if you use the right metal match. And (1) the right tinder. And (2) the right technique. And (3) you practice, practice …. and practice.

campfire on the beach

Ferro Rod CampFire


Those are the essential 3 elements that lead to a ferro fire success.

Here are the details:

For those not familiar with a ferro rod, “ferro” is short for ferrocerium. A ferro rod is also called a metal match, fire steel or a mischmetal rod. It’s a rod of various pyrophoric material that creates sparks when scraping off small amounts using the back of your knife or a striker.

Those sparks reach roughly 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and can catch dry tinder on fire. The best reasons to use a ferro rod over matches or lighters are because matches get wet, and lighters can fail at certain temperatures. Ferro rods work in any weather condition.

Just making sparks from your ferro rod doesn’t guarantee you fire. What you need in order to be successful are these three things:

The right tinder: If you are trying to catch your tinder on fire and it just won’t catch a spark and produce a flame it’s probably because you don’t have the right tinder. I ran into that on my last camping trip in the mountains of Colorado …

The right technique: Not correctly using your ferro rod will make starting a fire with it frustrating as hell. Trust me from experience. I had to suck up my pride and watch some YouTube videos to get a technique that works for me because …

Practice, Practice, Practice: The final key to ferro rod fires sounds like a cliche, but it’s some seriously good advice. Don’t wait until your life depends on …

Source:  The complete details of Paul Bauer‘s metal match post are found on his Bauer Vs Wild blog. Good stuff.

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10 Essential Survival Skills

Essential Skills Needed To Survive

Doomsday today, tomorrow, or not in your lifetime … regardless, everyone should at least be aware that certain skills are essential for basic survival.

This short post lists ten (or is it eleven) essential survival skills you should start to hone including first aid, shelter, and something to do with insects (toward the end of the post).

And, as always, Learn, Practice, and Share.

Almost each year, there are rumors about the end of the world and prognosis on when it is going to happen. Repeatedly again, these rumors fail and everyone forgets about it until next time.

Nevertheless, it is important to be prepared for anything in general and doomsday to come in particular. To be prepared means to obtain certain knowledge upon this matter, knowledge and skills.

It is similar to being able to give the first aid and have a medicine box with you. Speaking of the TV-series, it might be useful to watch some to get oneself ready and see for oneself what might be in use under circumstances like those.

In addition, you will be able to offer your medical help in exchange for food or else. To give the first aid is one of the essential skills you will need to survive yourself and to help others.

beach storm

Survival Skills On Doomsday Beach

Among the rest, to be able to start a fire, to know at least a few ways how to do that, to build a shelter, to hunt, to get clean drinkable water, to gather food, speaking of which it is important to know which mushrooms and berries are edible, for instance.

Along with hunting, one should know how to create traps and how to cook right to avoid diseases and bacteria ….

Source:  You can read the rest of the Melisa Marzett post on The Doomsday Moose, including the part about bugs.

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