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[Video] A Bow And Arrow Shooting Technique

5 Critical Parts Of Bow & Arrow Shooting

There are several bow and crossbow shooting techniques. In the video below, Survival Lilly demonstrates her successful method using a Falco Twin bow. She breaks it down into five parts.

[Video] A Bow And Arrow Shooting Technique

The first four:

  1. Stance: body turned 90° from target, feet apart for stability, knees slightly bent,
  2. Anchor Position: always the same along jaw line,
  3. Aim: 3-point line from eye along sinew, arrow point and target,
  4. Release: a “light finger shoulder touch” is the best way I can explain it. You have to watch the video.

VIDEO Of Shooting Technique On Page 2

[Video] The Quick & Simple Way To Hang A Bear Bag

Hanging Your Bear Bag Using PCT Method

When you’re in bear country, it’s very important to keep your food at least 200 feet away from your campsite. You don’t want bears sniffing around you while looking for nearby food.

[Video] The Quick & Simple Way To Hang A Bear Bag

In the video on the next page, Black Scout Survival uses the PCT technique to hang his bear bag. Named for the Pacific Crest Trail, this method uses just four items:

  • a dry bag,
  • a carabiner,
  • about 50′ of cordage, and
  • a stick.

VIDEO “How-To” On PAGE 2

More YouTube Channels You Should Know

3 YouTube Channels To Follow

In a previous post we listed six YouTube channels that should interest anyone involved in prepping, survival, firearms and bushcraft.

YouTube Channels

Suggested YouTube Channels

Today, Krik from Black Owl Outdoors gives a shout out to three more channels. These are focused on bushcraft skills. Each channel has both high production standards and an abundance of “personality”.

Channels List And VIDEO On the NEXT PAGE

[Video] Using The Scaffold Hitch For An Improvised Seat

How To Tie A Scaffold Hitch

The so-called scaffold hitch is used to create a raised hanging plank support or an improvised seat. You tie-off this hitch with a bowline knot backed-up with a double fisherman’s knot.

hitch knots

Scaffold Hitch, Bowline Hitch & Double Fisherman Knots

Part of their knot-of-the-week series, ITS Tactical uses a small wood piece to demo the hitch. A finished hanging seat set-up is shown at the end of the video.

One caution: they use paracord for this video tutorial. Don’t. Use other cordage when tying a scaffold hitch. You don’t want the paracord to slip off your weight-bearing board.

Knot Tying VIDEO Demo On Page 2