How To Purify And Store Survival Water

Pure WaterIf you and your family are thirsty or severely dehydrated, it makes no difference what other survival preparations you’ve made:  you need a pure water source. Immediately.

You either have a way to store survival water, or a method to purify it. Preferably both. This post discusses both types of water purification and nine important Do’s and Don’ts of water storage. Enjoy and act:

The absolute most important resource for survival is water. Whether you’re on a hike in the back country or an extended trip overseas, the clock begins ticking when you run out of safe drinking water.

Severe flooding, storms, and civil unrest can strike at any time, or your vehicle can break down and you’re simply stranded. You can be caught by surprise without a means of obtaining the 1 gallon per day of drinkable water that every adult needs.

Your health and survival will begin evaporating even faster if you ingest even a few drops of contaminated water. Almost no natural source of water in the world is free of contamination, even the clearest, coolest mountain stream.

These contaminants include the protozoans (single-celled organisms) and cysts – nasty intestinal parasites such as E Coli, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. Getting infected with any of these is no joke, as I found out once on an overseas trip. Some of these sicknesses come on fast and incapacitate you, greatly diminishing your chances of survival …

Source:  The nine water storage tips are in an infographic at the end of John Peterson’s post.

Image:  Thomas Mühl

How A Mom Uses Pinterest For Emergency Prep

Emergency Prep and Pinterest

Jane is a cool mom. She makes her own laundry soap, toothpaste and deodorant. And she uses the highly visual social site, Pinterest, for seeking and sharing emergency prep ideas.

pinterest symbol mosaic

Prep Insights From Pinterest

If you’ve never used Pinterest, or haven’t used it for prepping and survival insights, then this post is a great place to start.  So start here:

Survival Insights

I’m a visual person. I’ve always read tons to learn, but find that I’m visual in so many things. I need to see something done or see something organized before I can fully grasp it.

That’s why Pinterest has been such a blessing to me. In the past, saving bookmarks to my computer of places I wanted to go back and visit for reference was the way things had to be done. But I often looked down at the scrolling sea of text that were just links and would get lost. I couldn’t easily see what it was I was after, and spent way too much time searching.

Then Pinterest came along. What once started out as a site to share beautiful images as become a virtual image reference library. I can quickly ‘pin’ a page …

Continue with additional insights on Jane’s prep site:

Source:  Jane is a Mom With A Prep and an excellent resource for all things prep.

Image: Kevin Phillips

[Video Review] Ready Made Pocket Survival Kit

EDC Pocket Kit

Here’s a video review of pre-packed  pocket survival kit made by Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment.

Michael from Ultimate Survival Tips narrates with some great insights.

But some of the more interesting ideas come from all the comments after the video on this Y-Tube channel including what some would add, remove, or replace in the pocket kit.

Check it out.

And, as always, Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source: Ultimate Survival Tips

[Video] Prepper Shopping List For 30 Day Survival

30 Day List

Here’s a nine minute video from Survivalist Prepper that goes through the items that should be on your prepper shopping list.

It details the exact food, water, commodity items you need to sustain you and your family for 30 days.

Interactive Shopping List

There’s an actual “interactive”, fill-in-the-blanks shopping list available for download here. Don’t forget the peanut butter and the black pepper!

And, as always, Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source: Survivalist Prepper