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Ready-Made Food Storage Kits

Food Storage Prep

Looking to jump start your food storage preparations?

Well, there are companies that assemble and deliver food storage kits. One is Augason Farms, which has been around since 1972. They bill themselves as a “food storage emergency preparedness center”.

Family owned for two generations, Augason has a reputation for formulating and blending ingredients that are both nutritious and taste good.

long-term food option

Survival Food Options

Of course, the gourmet qualities of anything dehydrated or freeze-dried and stored in a number 10 can extend only so far. You may want to consider spicing things up.

You should only invest in these food kits as your budget and prep knowledge grow: consider for how long, for how many, and for how much. The Augason folks offer insights and planning tips, but remember their goal (which is fine!) is to sell you food product.


I realize this post may come across as crass plug for Augasons. However, I’m simply offering some info for your prepper lifestyle binder. Research other “ready-made” food processors. Compare. Call the different companies and discuss any concerns.

And if this type of food storage option is part of your prep plan and budget, then get started.

Here are links to three of their food storage kits [not affiliate links]:

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