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[Video] Solkoa S3 Survival Navigation Kit

Navigation Kit Tabletop Review

The guys at Black Scout Survival do a video tabletop (not in the field) review of the Solkoa S3 Navigation Survival Kit. Solkoa has a variety of survival modules from large “Elite” kits to the “Hunter/Mountain Professional Grade”.

navigation tools

Navigation Survival Kit

This navigation module includes:

  • a face-plate compass,
  • a roamer scale,
  • 4x magnification Fresnel lens,
  • 10 sheets of waterproof paper and pencil,
  • a waterproof map pouch, and
  • a durable stuff sack

These are the tools needed for way-finding and land navigation.

The compass has a movable bezel ring for easy map orientation. And a roamer scale of this size and clarity is hard to find. Check out the complete review of this survival navigation kit below:



Image: Black Scout Survival

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