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[Video] How To Make Acorn Coffee

Acorns For Food And Wilderness Beverage

As a wild edible source, acorns are very nutritious. Loaded with carbs, minerals, fats, and some vitamins, they’re a wonderful survival food. However, this oak tree nut is filled with tannins: without processing, the taste is very bitter.

acorns in skillet roasting over an open fire

Roasting Acorns For Coffee


In the video below, Survival Lilly shows how to process acorns to remove those tannins:

  • peel off the skin and seed coat,
  • slice into pieces,
  • boil in water to remove the tannins.

This takes both time and water since the boiling process must be repeated several times to remove the bitterness. Lilly does mention an alternative tannin removal procedure in the video.

Roasted Food Or Hot Coffee

Once processed, the acorn fruit can be mashed to make coffee or roasted for a nutty treat. Watch the video below for more details. And, as always,

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Source & Image: Survival Lilly