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[Video] How To ALWAYS Find Dry Tinder

Always Dry Tinder Secret

Well, it’s not a secret if you know where to find it. And I’m sure most of you do. But if finding dry fire-starting material during the cold and wet winter months is an issue for you, than check out Survival Lilly’s quick tip in the video.

tinder on fire

Bird Nest Fire Tinder Success

If you’ve seen any of her advanced bow drill videos, you know dry tinder is needed for the ember to ignite. Of course, dry is important regardless of how you’re starting a fire.

Alternative To Wet Winter Grasses

Survival Lilly always uses twigs as the framework for her “birds nest” tinder holder. Twigs are easy to come by any time of year; it’s the fine, dry tinder that’s difficult to gather in winter (or in torrential downpours or in rain-soaked locations).

Dry Tinder Source VIDEO Is On Page 2


[Video] The Wild Chanterelle Mushroom

The Nutritious Chanterelle Mushroom

Long term survival skills include foraging for healthy wild edibles. There are few natural forest foods as nutritious as the chanterelle mushroom. Easily identified by its yellow top and stem, it’s one of the richest sources of vitamin D and potassium. Even some vitamin C.

The chanterelle is found throughout Europe and North America. A cluster-growing mushroom, it’s usually spotted in pine forests or mountainside birch woodlands.

Scrambled Eggs And Mushrooms

In the video below, Survival Lily grabs some chanterelle mushrooms for a scrambled egg breakfast at her bug out camp.

Batoning for a breakfast fire, she cooks up a nice meal. There are a number skills displayed in this quick video. Watch and

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Image: Strobilomyces