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[Video] The Practical Bug Out Bag

Middle Of The Night Grab And Go Bag

Start by thinking: When are you and your family most vulnerable to an “everyday” emergency? When are you not carrying your EDC? The obvious answer is at nighttime when you’re asleep.

So, do you have a readily available, middle of the night, grab and go at a moments notice, “bug out bag”?

overnight emergency kit

By Your Bed “Get Out Quick” Bag

Chris Tanner of Prepared Mind 101 calls this kit the Practical Bug Out Bag for the “night side” of EDC. Each evening he packs his gym bag with the next day’s workout clothes and his EDC tools.

He keeps the duffel bag by his bed for a prepared and quick “gotta-get-out-of-the-house-right-now” situation.

In the morning he transfers his EDC items to his belt and pockets and heads off to the gym.

VIDEO And Details On PAGE 2

[Video Review] Rapdom Tactical Messenger Bag

72 Hour Tactical Survival Kit

According to Chris Tanner of PreparedMind101, the Rapdom Tactical Messenger Bag just may be the best bag for an organized, 72-hour survival kit.

Definitely not a Mongo knockoff, this bag holds a lot of gear needed to help you get through several days of an emergency situation.

Rapdom 72-Hour Bag

Rapdom 72-Hour Bag

More affordable than most other bags in this category, Tanner packs just under 20 pounds of gear into the variety of pockets and pouches.

(No need to over-pack, or fill every nook and cranny. 20 lbs. of equipment is more than enough for a 72-hour kit. If not, there may be other issues. Just sayin’.)

VIDEO Review & Bag Hacks On PAGE 2

47 Preparedness Items To Carry In Your Truck Or Car

Items To Bring When Traveling In Your Vehicle

You carry a spare tire. You own vehicle insurance. Why? Because it’s prudent (and, yes, mandatory). You want to be prepared for flats and accidents. But insurance and spares are the barest of minimums to “carry” when traveling.

overloaded van

Got Everything?

Whether you’re taking a family vacation or bugging out (or back in), you’ve must be prepared for a variety of surprise survival scenarios. Safe travel is a basic prep activity.


[Video] How To Pack A Bug-Out Bag (Part 3 of 3)

Final Bug Out Bag & Shelter Episode

In the previous two videos, Survival Lilly shows what she packs in her bug out pack … and how she packs it. There’s also a complete packing list on the second page of that post.

In this final video of the series she completes the packing with first aid gear and her “sleeping system”.

bugging out with dog

What-To And How To Pack

The Sleeping System

Lilly discusses the items in her sleeping system/shelter. Only packing the most essential survival gear, she includes:

  • two ponchos (the why is explained in the video)
  • paracord
  • a sleeping bag rated to 30°F
  • a mosquito net,
  • an isolation air mat, and
  • a hand-sewn wool “fire blanket”.

Watch the final video below.

And, as always, Learn, Practice, and Share


Source & Images: Survival Lilly