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5 Lessons Learned While Searching For Bug Out Property

Wrong Land, Bug-Out Nightmares?

The after nightmare: The SHTF and you and your family immediately head to your bug out land where you’ve prepped a camp with food stocks and other survival supplies.

lake view

A Good Land Choice?

And you’re met there by an armed group who quickly invite you off their land … possession being 9/10th’s and all that.

Or a version of nightmare #1: You’ve dragged your family and supplies to your camp, and four days later you meet the neighbor … and twenty of his family members who are hungry and ornery and who knows what else.

On PAGE 2:  5 Things To Consider Before You Purchase Land

Cabela’s Survival Skills Readiness Test

13 Survival Skills Test Questions

In the Cabela Infographic below are 13 Yes-No questions testing your survival skills readiness.

If you answer yes to question, the graphic leads you along one path. If you answer no, the chart lays out consequences and/or remedies.

Cabela Survival Skills Test

Essentially based on the Core 4 and Law of 3’s, along with the critical survival categories (food, water, shelter, security, and communications), the infographic gives a quick insight to your skills level.

On PAGE 2: The 13 Survival Questions And The Infographic

[Video] Camping Overnight At The Bug Out Shelter

First Overnight At Expanded Camp

With her bug out camp expansion complete, Survival Lilly spends her first overnight in the shelter.

If you’ve watched any of her other videos, you’ve already seen her batoning and bow drill skills in action. The roasted dandelion coffee is nice touch. But there are a couple of other fine points I want to highlight.

overnight at camp

Preparing For First Night At Expanded Camp

Some Observations

There are a couple of items in the video that should be emphasized. First, the wool covering she made is essentially a “fire blanket” protecting the down sleeping bag from hot embers.

Also notice the headlamp which keeps both hands free for night work. And if you want to know more about that “can torch”, look here.

VIDEO Of The Overnight On PAGE 2

Lilly’s Bug Out Camp Expansion: The Final Chapter

Survival Lilly Camp Expansion Part 3

In the first two parts of this three video series, Survival Lilly begins the expansion of her Austrian bug out camp by removing some walls and strengthening others. She then builds her lean-to frame and roof-covering.

testing log bed under lean-to

Log Bed Needs Adjusting

In this final expansion chapter, Lilly builds an above ground log bed.

The Camp Bed

Under the the lean-to, she constructs the wooden bed. The base cross-support logs are secured by notching. The actual bed pieces are held tight by stakes. There’s no cord or twine.

The above ground bed also serves as additional space for storing fire wood. And as one commenter noted on her YouTube channel, this this bug out survival shelter should now be named “Chateau Lilly”.

Watch the video below. And, as always, Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source & Images: Survival Lilly