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Survival Lilly’s Bug Out Camp

Survival Mike gets a private tour of Survival Lilly’s bug out camp. A lot of “survival” here.

It’s a short video. Could give you a couple of good ideas

Two of the better comments:

  • Stephen Boyd: “Great semi-permanent camp. An idea occurred to me when watching this that come Spring (or planting time) you might plant some ivy or other locally growing vines along the walls. They will bind, fill and help to keep your wall strong, while adding camo at the same time.”
  • Far East Survival: “It’s looking like everyone’s dream fort. Now it’s time to build a proper fireplace made of brick or clay so you can burn wood more efficiently and also to send the smoke away from your shelter. If the wind is blowing in the wrong direction, you can get smoked out damaging your lungs. Since you are great building things, i’m sure you can do an awesome job.”