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Preparedness Plans For Both Urban And Rural Dwellers

Basic Urban And Rural Survival Strategies

When the SHTF, some urban preppers may plan to bug out to the “wilderness”, but most will probably stay put–bug in–where they know the “terrain” and feel comfortable with their community.

And I can’t imagine a rural family making a run for the city as a survival strategy.

preparedness whether you live in the city or country

Rural And Urban Prep Plans

But both city slicks and rural hicks (like me) face the same basic survival needs: food, water, and medical security.

How you prepare for some of these requirements depend on where you live today: in the countryside or in or near a city. But some of the prep strategies overlap. They’re prudent plans regardless of whether you’re an urban or rural dweller.

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Safe Travel When Bugging In Or Bugging Out

Safe Travel Now, Safe Scavenge Later

During a catastrophic natural or man-ignited disaster, you have two choices: you can bug out, or you can bug in — that is, stay put.

Regardless of your choice (your plan), travel will be involved. The travel part is obvious for bugging out: you have to get from here to there.

dusk scene

Travel Or Scavenge At Night

And traveling if you bug in? Well, if it’s a long-term SHTF scenario, eventually you’ll have to travel outside to scavenge …

Safe Travel Rules DETAILED On PAGE 2

On Bugging Out

One Guy’s Point Of View

This is not your normal bug out discussion.

A subscriber of Ryan’s TF Red Ops asks about bugging out and bug out kits. Ryan’s answer boils down to “it depends”. Where you live, what you think might happen, your prepper mindset.

Essentially, he’s an interesting guy with a humorous take an a serious topic. This is NOT an informational video. It’s just one guy’s point of view.



Image: ThePixelman