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5 Lessons Learned While Searching For Bug Out Property

Wrong Land, Bug-Out Nightmares?

The after nightmare: The SHTF and you and your family immediately head to your bug out land where you’ve prepped a camp with food stocks and other survival supplies.

lake view

A Good Land Choice?

And you’re met there by an armed group who quickly invite you off their land … possession being 9/10th’s and all that.

Or a version of nightmare #1: You’ve dragged your family and supplies to your camp, and four days later you meet the neighbor … and twenty of his family members who are hungry and ornery and who knows what else.

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Lilly’s Bug Out Camp Expansion: The Final Chapter

Survival Lilly Camp Expansion Part 3

In the first two parts of this three video series, Survival Lilly begins the expansion of her Austrian bug out camp by removing some walls and strengthening others. She then builds her lean-to frame and roof-covering.

testing log bed under lean-to

Log Bed Needs Adjusting

In this final expansion chapter, Lilly builds an above ground log bed.

The Camp Bed

Under the the lean-to, she constructs the wooden bed. The base cross-support logs are secured by notching. The actual bed pieces are held tight by stakes. There’s no cord or twine.

The above ground bed also serves as additional space for storing fire wood. And as one commenter noted on her YouTube channel, this this bug out survival shelter should now be named “Chateau Lilly”.

Watch the video below. And, as always, Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source & Images: Survival Lilly


Lilly Continues Her Bug Out Camp Expansion Part 2

Survival Lily Camp Expansion Part 2

In Part One of her bug out camp remodel, Survival Lilly preps her future work with wall knock downs and structure strengthening.

bug out camp rebuild

Lilly Bug Out Camp Expansion Part 2

The Part 2 video below is a mostly silent 5 minutes of Lily swinging away with hatchet and log batons.

The Lean-To Frame

With the lean-to roof-frame logs neatly tied and trimmed, and the side supports driven deep into the ground, Lily uses two tarp layers to finish this part of her bug out camp expansion.

She then begins to camouflage this new camp addition with leaves and twigs while waiting for Mother Nature to finish this part of the project.

Watch the video, and Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source & Image: Survival Lilly

Survival Lilly Expands Her Bug Out Camp

A Bigger Bug Out Camp

Previously, Survival Lilly gave a tour of her bug out camp. Today she starts the process of expanding that same shelter.

bug out structure

Bug Out Camp “Remodel”

So how do you start an expansion? The same as any “home remodel”. You knock down some walls … and strengthen others. This is only Part 1 of the reconstruction.

It’s a short video, but she gets a lot done. Most of the work is tearing down then rebuilding one wall of her camp. She’s preparing to add a lean-to for the shelter.

Camp Expansion VIDEO On PAGE 2