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Video Tour Of A Rising S Bunker

Underground Bunker Tour

Considering an underground bunker as a survival option? Something that’s a bit more affordable than this?

underground bunker


Well there’s a company in Texas, Rising S, that specializes in underground bunkers, storm shelters, safe-rooms, blast doors, and bomb shelters.

They offer a lifetime guarantee. Each unit is 100% steel, fabricated by hand, and customized to each client’s unique specs.

VIDEO Of Bunker Walk-Through On Page 2

[Videos] Colin Furze Builds An Apocalyptic Bunker

Who Gets The Last Laugh?

British TV Sky1 is doing a comedy drama on how someone might deal with an imminent and dire survival situation. The premise here is the world is going to end as we know it in 34 days.

Here, (goofball engineer) Colin Furze joins the “series team” and dedicates part of his YouTube channel to the project. He decides to build an apocalyptic bunker in his backyard.

So far there are 3 videos in the Furze series .

In Video #1

Furze lays out his “plan” and starts the build.

If you find this guy’s presentation a bit annoying (it’s suppose to be funny), just turn the audio down (or off). The videos are entertaining.

It‘s annoying though that these folks think the TEOTWAWKI is a comedy scenario. I guess that is funny when you include the last laugh.




Video #2

Part 2 of this video series is simply digging the 3.5 meter pit in the back yard.



Video #3

Part 3 of the series is construction of the steel bunker housing


Here’s the running commentary of this series on the Preppers Subreddit