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[Video] Simple Tools For Maintaining Your Knife

Sharpening And Honing Your Knife

Dave Canterbury of Self-Reliance Outfitters believes many folks over-complicate the knife sharpening process, especially with the equipment they use.

don't make knife sharpening over-complicated

Simple Knife Sharpening Process

In the video , Dave shows all the equipment he needs in his shop to sharpen and hone his knives. Essentially, all he uses are water stones, a rubber stand to hold a stone, olive oil (for high carbon steel knives), and a compound-prepped double-sided strop.

Towards the end of the video he also discusses knife maintenance in the field.

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Winter Camping In Michigan

14 Friends Camping In The Winter Woods

This is a simple video of friends camping for a couple of days in a Michigan forest. Essentially it was a winter camp meet-up in the Huron National Forest of several guys with YouTube channels.

winter camp around a fire

Winter Camping With Friends

There are no “this is how you this” or “how to do that”; they just do what has to be done for shelter, fire, and food.

So if you want watch winter skills and gear in action, including …

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[Video Review] Condor Woodlaw Bushcraft Knife

Straight Up Bushcraft Knife … Or Is It?

Chris Tanner and Will Myers of PREPAREDMIND101 put the Condor Woodlaw knife through the gauntlet.

After stating that it’s a straight-up bushcraft knife, Chris correctly states that simple labels sometimes confuse what a tool can be used for.

woodcraft survival knife

Feathering With The Condor Woodlaw

A Knife Is What A Knife Does

This knife is more a woodcraft knife, not really a survival knife; yet a large portion of the video demonstrates knife survival skills:

  • feathering wood for tinder,
  • clean ferro rod strikes,
  • baton wood splits, and
  • even felling a sapling with two-cut baton strikes.

That’s survival to me.

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