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More YouTube Channels You Should Know

3 YouTube Channels To Follow

In a previous post we listed six YouTube channels that should interest anyone involved in prepping, survival, firearms and bushcraft.

YouTube Channels

Suggested YouTube Channels

Today, Krik from Black Owl Outdoors gives a shout out to three more channels. These are focused on bushcraft skills. Each channel has both high production standards and an abundance of “personality”.

Channels List And VIDEO On the NEXT PAGE

[Video] Bushcraft Camping In Northwest England

Bushcraft Camping: The Lake District

Mike and friends of MCQBushcraft spend a couple of days exploring the conifer forest and mountain streams of The Lakes in England.

As my wife and I watched this video, we just wanted to be there.

the Lakes Of Enngland

England’s Lake District

It reminded us of our camping trips to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the Adirondacks in upstate New York, and a long ago hiking adventure in Washington State.

VIDEO Of Camping Tour On PAGE 2

[Video] 8 Survival Books Recommended By Survival Lilly

Survival Book Recommendations

In the video, Survival Lilly discusses the books she references for survival and bushcraft skills. These 8 books also give her subject ideas for her YouTube topics.

I know there are a lot of armchair preppers and survivalists: you can’t live in the wilderness in survival mode all the time … if at all.

reading SAS survival manual

Survival Books Recommended By Survival Lilly

But you can read and study books about what you should know, so that if the opportunity arrives–a camping trip for example–you can practice a variety of skill sets.

The Eight Survival Books

Here is the list of books Lilly uses and recommends, in no particular order:

1) Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski: a true bushcraft book with detailed drawings and discussions about shelters, tree-felling, feather sticks, safe knife-craft, etc.

2) Epic Survival by Matt Graham: not a survival manual, but the true story of Graham’s life of primitive living. An interesting read.

The VIDEO And Lilly’s Top Pick On Page 2

6 YouTube Channels You Should Know About

6 YouTube Channels

In the video below, Canadian Prepper gives a shout-out to five other YouTube channels that should interest anyone involved in prepping, survival, bushcraft, and firearms.

If you haven’t already, you should subscribe to all six (including Canadian Prepper).

canadian prepper

YouTube channel Shoutouts

  • Civil Advantage Group: Canadian Firearms & Awareness Training–a Canadian channel by Rod Giltaca that aims to “help experienced and beginner shooters access helpful information”.

Other Channels And VIDEO On PAGE 2

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