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[Video] How To Tie A Tripod Lashing

How To Make A Tripod

Knowing how make a tripod is an excellent camping and survival skill . Made correctly, they are strong enough to support a variety of structures and uses including:

  • suspending cooking pots or canteen water over a fire, and
  • supports for a “jungle bed” platform.
lashed tripod

Pulling Tripod Cordage Tight

Black Scout Survival demonstrates the lashing technique he uses. When done this way you’ll have an extremely strong tripod. His lashing process is pretty straightforward.

The Lashing Technique

Starting with three poles of a desired length, cut about seven feet of bank line for your cordage. Bank line is best because of its small diameter and sticky (tar) coating.

Tie a clove hitch at the top of one of the (outside) sticks, then hold the 3 poles tight against each other and begin to lash.

Lashing VIDEO On Page 2

[Video] Cooking Lunch At A Solar Panel Job Site

Lunchtime Cooking Fun

Instead of wasting an hour going into town for lunch, the engineer775 Practical Preppers crew stay on their remote solar panel install job site and cook up their lunch.

So what’s the big deal? Nothing.

Except watching the guys having fun frying up Spam and and boiling water to re-hydrate freeze-dried jerk chicken … using some great cooking gear.

It’s The Camp Gear They Use

If you want to see the Silverfire Scout Stove and the Kelly Kettle in action, and used correctly, then watch the video below. It is a fun few minutes. Learn, Act and Share.



Source & Image: Practical Preppers

[Video] Camping Overnight At The Bug Out Shelter

First Overnight At Expanded Camp

With her bug out camp expansion complete, Survival Lilly spends her first overnight in the shelter.

If you’ve watched any of her other videos, you’ve already seen her batoning and bow drill skills in action. The roasted dandelion coffee is nice touch. But there are a couple of other fine points I want to highlight.

overnight at camp

Preparing For First Night At Expanded Camp

Some Observations

There are a couple of items in the video that should be emphasized. First, the wool covering she made is essentially a “fire blanket” protecting the down sleeping bag from hot embers.

Also notice the headlamp which keeps both hands free for night work. And if you want to know more about that “can torch”, look here.

VIDEO Of The Overnight On PAGE 2


[Video] The Wild Chanterelle Mushroom

The Nutritious Chanterelle Mushroom

Long term survival skills include foraging for healthy wild edibles. There are few natural forest foods as nutritious as the chanterelle mushroom. Easily identified by its yellow top and stem, it’s one of the richest sources of vitamin D and potassium. Even some vitamin C.

The chanterelle is found throughout Europe and North America. A cluster-growing mushroom, it’s usually spotted in pine forests or mountainside birch woodlands.

Scrambled Eggs And Mushrooms

In the video below, Survival Lily grabs some chanterelle mushrooms for a scrambled egg breakfast at her bug out camp.

Batoning for a breakfast fire, she cooks up a nice meal. There are a number skills displayed in this quick video. Watch and

Learn, Act and Share



Image: Strobilomyces