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[Video] Building A Ladder With Rope And Poles

How To Build A Ladder In The Forest

You’re in the forest and you want to cache items in a tree to keep them from humans, bears, etc. Or you want to reach a platform already built … or maybe harvest an animal burrow.

Since no one carries a ladder for gear, you have to make one. And that’s what this video is about: making a ladder quickly and easily.

setting up ladder poles

Setting Ladder Poles

[Any survival skill is “quick and easy” if you practice it. Listen to the comments at the 3:00 mark.]

Basically, in addition to your knife and/or saw, you need:

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[Video] The Quick & Simple Way To Hang A Bear Bag

Hanging Your Bear Bag Using PCT Method

When you’re in bear country, it’s very important to keep your food at least 200 feet away from your campsite. You don’t want bears sniffing around you while looking for nearby food.

[Video] The Quick & Simple Way To Hang A Bear Bag

In the video on the next page, Black Scout Survival uses the PCT technique to hang his bear bag. Named for the Pacific Crest Trail, this method uses just four items:

  • a dry bag,
  • a carabiner,
  • about 50′ of cordage, and
  • a stick.

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[Video] How To Tie A Tripod Lashing

How To Make A Tripod

Knowing how make a tripod is an excellent camping and survival skill . Made correctly, they are strong enough to support a variety of structures and uses including:

  • suspending cooking pots or canteen water over a fire, and
  • supports for a “jungle bed” platform.
lashed tripod

Pulling Tripod Cordage Tight

Black Scout Survival demonstrates the lashing technique he uses. When done this way you’ll have an extremely strong tripod. His lashing process is pretty straightforward.

The Lashing Technique

Starting with three poles of a desired length, cut about seven feet of bank line for your cordage. Bank line is best because of its small diameter and sticky (tar) coating.

Tie a clove hitch at the top of one of the (outside) sticks, then hold the 3 poles tight against each other and begin to lash.

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[Video] Tying A Clove Hitch Knot And Variations

An Important Hitch Knot

The clove hitch is considered one of the most important and basic knots. Useful where the length of the running end needs to be adjustable ( since feeding in rope from either direction will loosen it), this knot can fail under heavy loads.

hitch knot demo

Tying A Clove Hitch

It’s best used as a brake or check on an object to keep it from getting out of control. But it should never be used as a permanent tie-off in a climbing or life-saving situation.

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