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[Video] How To Build A Debris Hut Shelter

Emergency Shelter In A Deciduous Forest

If you’re lost in a forest without your gear or the means to create a fire, here’s how to build a debris shelter to help you get through the night.

This type of shelter should keep you warm and dry. And you’ll see why this probably won’t work in a pine forest.

debris shelter in forest

Finished Shelter

Survival Lilly starts with a ridge pole leaning against a natural structure. Beneath this you cover the ground with a thick layer of dead leaves.

Step-By-Step VIDEO On PAGE 2

[Video] Outline Of Ultimate Essentials Survival Training

The Core 4

David of Ultimate Survival Tips gives a behind the scenes look of Day One of his Fall Ultimate Essentials Level 1 Training class.

The video outlines class topics centered on both the survival mindset (how you deal with situations) and critical thinking skills (how you determine survival priorities).

survival training seminar

Outline Of Ultimate Essentials Survival Training

Set in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania, the essentials survival training extends the “Core 4” (shelter, water, fire, food) adding

  • rescue/concealment (situational),
  • safety, self-defense, protection (security), and
  • first aid.

Law of 3’s

And, as expected with any survival essentials course, the initial discussion hinges on the well-known Law of 3’s. With a couple of twists:

  • 3 minutes: air and blood flow/loss,
  • 3 hours: regulation of body core temperature (shelter, fire and clothing),
  • 3 days: water,
  • 3 weeks: food, and
  • 3 months: companionship (think Tom Hanks in the Castaway movie).

The VIDEO Is On Page 2