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15 No-Cost Preps

No Cost Preparations

When we first began prepping, collecting gear seemed the obvious way to start. Spent more money than I probably should have. I wanted all the newest, the latest cutting-edge “shiny things”. It was a newbie error.

yoga position

Preparation Is The Key

Make no mistake: you need survival gear. But owning it and knowing how to use it are very different things.

And, you also need the info on what is a must-have item today … and a good add-on  item to be purchased later.

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[Video] Using A Homemade Spear

“Wake Up! The Chickens Are Going Crazy …”

… is how Southern Prepper1’s wife woke him before dawn one morning. Grabbing a flashlight and his .22, he went outside and then into the chicken coop.

Confronted with a snarling, sharp-clawed opossum, and with panicked chickens wildly flapping about the small enclosure, he decided not to shoot … probably also saving his eardrums.

Instead, he went to workshop and grabbed his spear.

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Top 10 Survival Seeds For Your SHTF Garden

Calorie-Heavy Heirloom Seeds Fertilized Naturally

One of the most important aspects of prepping is a survival food source. Most folks choose the food storage option, rotating bulk stocks to keep supplies fresh.

But if you’re looking for a long-term survival solution, you must consider the garden alternative. It’s hard work with a tough learning curve if you didn’t grow up on a farm.

seeds in hands

Heirloom Seeds

However, if there’s a deep social collapse, how else will you feed your family and members of your group for months … or much longer?



[Video] Walk-Around Jeep Bug Out Vehicle (BOV)

EveryDay Jeep And Bug Out Vehicle

A lot of folks are proud of their every day transportation, especially if it doubles as a very good bug out vehicle (BOV). And that’s why the Armed Rogue and her husband filmed this quick walk-around of their 2014 Jeep Wrangler.

jeep hacks walkaround

“Armed Rogue” And The Rugged Ridge Snorkel

The 2½ minute video highlights some of the modifications they made both inside and out. This Jeep is now an excellent adventure vehicle … it will get you where you need to be in most situations.

Modifications List And Walk-Around VIDEO On The NEXT PAGE