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Top 10 Survival Seeds For Your SHTF Garden

Calorie-Heavy Heirloom Seeds Fertilized Naturally

One of the most important aspects of prepping is a survival food source. Most folks choose the food storage option, rotating bulk stocks to keep supplies fresh.

But if you’re looking for a long-term survival solution, you must consider the garden alternative. It’s hard work with a tough learning curve if you didn’t grow up on a farm.

seeds in hands

Heirloom Seeds

However, if there’s a deep social collapse, how else will you feed your family and members of your group for months … or much longer?



[Video] Walk-Around Jeep Bug Out Vehicle (BOV)

EveryDay Jeep And Bug Out Vehicle

A lot of folks are proud of their every day transportation, especially if it doubles as a very good bug out vehicle (BOV). And that’s why the Armed Rogue and her husband filmed this quick walk-around of their 2014 Jeep Wrangler.

jeep hacks walkaround

“Armed Rogue” And The Rugged Ridge Snorkel

The 2½ minute video highlights some of the modifications they made both inside and out. This Jeep is now an excellent adventure vehicle … it will get you where you need to be in most situations.

Modifications List And Walk-Around VIDEO On The NEXT PAGE

[Video] How To Clean A Rusty Knife

Cleaning Rust Off Your Knife

Never let your knife get this bad, but …

Maybe you were using your carbon blade in the damp wilderness and were a bit sloppy with its care. Or you’ve found a forgotten rusty knife in old pack. Or maybe just a smudge of dirt and rust suddenly appeared on your favorite bush tool.

rusted carbon knife

This Knife Is A Mess

No matter the reason (or excuse), Survival Mike offers a quick tip on how to clean the rust and grime off that blade.

He also goes through his sharpening, stropping, and oiling routine.

VIDEO Of Cleaning Tip On The NEXT PAGE

Survivalist Magazine Adds Digital Delivery

Beyond Newsstand And Subscription Delivery

There are several sources for preppers and survivalists to glean important information.

back issues available

Survivalist Magazine

You can always search Google and YouTube for a particular survival skill or how-to video. You can purchase preparedness guides on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

But arguably, one of the best resources for info (besides the Survival Bell site–heh!) is Survivalist magazine.

But before today, the only way to get the latest issue was at your local newsstand or a subscription delivery.

Well not anymore. All back issues, including out of print back issues, are now available digitally.

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