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Survivalist Magazine Adds Digital Delivery

Beyond Newsstand And Subscription Delivery

There are several sources for preppers and survivalists to glean important information.

back issues available

Survivalist Magazine

You can always search Google and YouTube for a particular survival skill or how-to video. You can purchase preparedness guides on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

But arguably, one of the best resources for info (besides the Survival Bell site–heh!) is Survivalist magazine.

But before today, the only way to get the latest issue was at your local newsstand or a subscription delivery.

Well not anymore. All back issues, including out of print back issues, are now available digitally.

Building Your Survivalist Library Continues On Page 2

Things Preppers Do: Water Tank Recycle

The Things Preppers Do

“Some are fun. Some are dangerous. And some may just be stupid,” says Scott, the owner of engineer775 Practical Preppers.

Says Scott, as he’s moving a 21′ water tank that gravity-fed a greenhouse for years. A tank he bought for $200.

Moving Newly Purchased Water Tank

Moving Newly Purchased Water Tank

As the tank rolls off the trailer onto his property, he wonders how to both prep and then use this tank:

  • as an underground cache, or
  • a water tower, or
  • as a bunker.

Short VIDEO (And Tank Unload) On Page 2

DIY Leather Slingshot Holster

Slingshot Holster

The two brothers (Krik & Stony) of Black Owl Outdoors, demo their DIY leather slingshot holster.

dui leather holster

Making A Slingshot Holster

Using leather pieces (some hardened), a bungee cord, and some copper rivets, they’ve fashioned a very functional holster for a slingshot and possibly an axe.

I enjoy their videos because they not only share their good ideas, but also the mistakes they made in the do-it-yourself process …. and how they’ll make the item better the next time.

Using Hardened Leather

Krik mentions hardening the leather for the holster spine, but doesn’t say in the video how he does that. In the comment section he answers that question:

I soaked the leather in warm water for about a minute, then slowly dried it in the oven at 170 degrees. Or it will dry on its own in a day or so.

Watch the video below for additional details on this holster project.



Source & Image: Black Owl Outdoors

[Video] How To Build Secret Storage In Your Truck

Secret Storage Under the Seat

Talk about a great DIY prepper project: a hidden storage area inside your vehicle.

secret truck storage space

DIY Concealed Compartment

There are all kinds of items you want to store in your truck. You want them accessible, but not visible. Especially if it’s your bug out vehicle.

Now just sticking your truck stuff under the seat is not a secure option. So what do you do? You build a latched, hidden storage compartment.

Step-By-Step VIDEO On Page 2