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[Videos] EDC Essentials Series: 2016

Every Day Carry (EDC) Series (Introduction)

Chris Tanner of PreparedMind101 starts off 2016 with a video series on how he chooses items for his EDC system. He’s motivated by the fact that many folks are just beginning their prep efforts … and also because so many folks are asking him what’s in his EDC.

But what works for him may not make sense for others. People have different skills, live in different parts of the country, have different jobs, and different levels of risk (acceptance or aversion).

The Introduction Video

With all that in mind, Tanner plans a multi-video series explaining how he decides what are the best EDC items for him. Based on a logical process, he shows how and why he chooses a particular tool.

That tool may not be the best one for your situation, but you can still use the same deductive thought process to choose what is best for you.

Watch Intro Video below for the complete explanation on what he’s trying to do. And as each video comes out, it will be added to this post.



The Next EDC VIDEO: “The Multi-Tool” On The NEXT PAGE

[Video] The Practical Bug Out Bag

Middle Of The Night Grab And Go Bag

Start by thinking: When are you and your family most vulnerable to an “everyday” emergency? When are you not carrying your EDC? The obvious answer is at nighttime when you’re asleep.

So, do you have a readily available, middle of the night, grab and go at a moments notice, “bug out bag”?

overnight emergency kit

By Your Bed “Get Out Quick” Bag

Chris Tanner of Prepared Mind 101 calls this kit the Practical Bug Out Bag for the “night side” of EDC. Each evening he packs his gym bag with the next day’s workout clothes and his EDC tools.

He keeps the duffel bag by his bed for a prepared and quick “gotta-get-out-of-the-house-right-now” situation.

In the morning he transfers his EDC items to his belt and pockets and heads off to the gym.

VIDEO And Details On PAGE 2

[Video] The Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen Overview

First off, a tactical pen is an actual pen. It writes, and the ink cartridges are replaceable. More importantly, it looks like a regular pen. That means, wherever you can go with a regular pen, you can bring this survival weapon too. (More on this in a moment.)

Neither Knife Nor Pistol Allowed?

Since you can carry it all the time, this pen is a must for your EDC. A word of caution: if the pen looks too tactical, it may not get by TSA screeners or courthouse employees. It will be confiscated.

survival edc weapon

Tactical Pen EDC

Most tactical pens are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The more expensive models are made of titanium. Regardless of material, you should avoid pens with a ink cartridge clicker: it reduces the leverage and striking force of this self-defense tool.

Video On Using The Tactical Pen On Page 2


5 Great Pocket Multitools For EDC

No EDC Pocket Bulge

Looking for an EDC multitool that doesn’t bulge out of your pocket like some birthing alien? An Every Day Carry tool that’s not so heavy it makes you walk in circles? Looking for one that doesn’t require 24 monthly payments to purchase?

5 multitools

EDC Multi-Tools

Well, today we take a peek at 5 multitools that are pocket-size, are 3 inches or less in length, weigh next to nothing … and still have the utility you want in a tool hanging from your belt loop , or sitting in your pocket.

Some of these have been around for awhile. But that just attests to their usefulness.

Tools LIST On Page 2

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