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[Video Review] AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

Does Your Tap Water Glow In The Dark?

Below is the J.J. Johnson’s of Reality Survival video review of the AquaGear® Radiological Water Filter.

AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

AquaGear Radiological Water Filter

He looks at both the pitcher filter and the filter straw.

Important: These filters are designed to be used with tap water: water that has been filtered of gross particles. They are not field pack filters … although I would carry the straw filter in my bug out kit.

Made in the USA and 100% BPA free, the AquaGear filters remove gross beta particles; they don’t make completely irradiated water safe.

Maybe these should passed out to the residents of Flint, MI and paid for by the politicians and bureaucrats who authorized and oversaw that mess. Just sayin’.

Test Results And VIDEO REVIEW On Page 2

26 Ways A Trash Bag Can Save Your Life

26 Trash Bag Hacks

I’ve discussed garbage bag uses before here.

This is a more comprehensive list of survival uses for contractor-type bags. These ideas come from the website Plastic Place, a great trash bag resource. [See “Source” below for additional links.]

leaves in plastic trash bags

Other Uses For Trash Bags

A small disclaimer here:  many of these uses aren’t going to save your life, but they will aid your outdoor survival tasks. I’ve added additional trash bags to my prepping supplies.

1. Rope and cordage: It’s possible to make strong and durable rope by hand just using garbage bags … the beginnings of shelter, splints, and so much more. Check out this video for the technique

2. Knapsack: Use sturdy garbage bags and some of that cool garbage bag rope you just made to build weatherproof carrying bags.

3. Wound irrigation: Getting enough water pressure to flush out a wound can be a challenge out in the wild. Poking a small hole in a bag filled with clean water can help clear the wound more effectively with less water.

4. Ice pack: If you need to apply cold to an injury but want the patient to stay otherwise warm and dry, filling the corner of a bag with snow or ice is the way to go.

5. Tourniquet: In a crisis first aid situation …

6. Emergency bandage: Keep a cut clean and dry and keep the pressure going by tying a layer of plastic bag around whatever you’re using to staunch the bleeding.

7. Sling: Support and immobilize injured arms with a strong, flexible piece of heavy trash bag.

8. Stretcher: Combined with branches, contractor grade garbage bags are tough enough to support the weight …

9. Create a quarantine: … plastic bag screens and masks can help to slow the spread of disease.

10. Food storage: … Put your food in several layers of plastic bags (to cut down odors) and then hang it from a tree away from your sleeping area.

11. Water collection: … Dig a shallow hole, line it with the garbage bag, and weigh down the edges with rocks.

12. Solar still: Turn salt water into drinkable fresh water with a black trash bag. Here’s a video that will show you how.

13. Boil water: Boil in the bag … Check it out in this video.

The Remaining 13 Uses Are On The Next Page

Preparedness Plans For Both Urban And Rural Dwellers

Basic Urban And Rural Survival Strategies

When the SHTF, some urban preppers may plan to bug out to the “wilderness”, but most will probably stay put–bug in–where they know the “terrain” and feel comfortable with their community.

And I can’t imagine a rural family making a run for the city as a survival strategy.

preparedness whether you live in the city or country

Rural And Urban Prep Plans

But both city slicks and rural hicks (like me) face the same basic survival needs: food, water, and medical security.

How you prepare for some of these requirements depend on where you live today: in the countryside or in or near a city. But some of the prep strategies overlap. They’re prudent plans regardless of whether you’re an urban or rural dweller.

On The NEXT PAGE:  Urban And Rural Prep Strategies

[Video Review] Solkoa S3 Water Module Survival Kit

Survival Kit Module: Water

If you’re looking for a convenient (but not always less expensive) way to bulk up your supply of survival gear, then purchasing module kits may be a good way to go.

backup water

Solkoa S3 Water Module

In this video, Black Scout Survival looks at a Solkoa module: their water survival kit. Make no mistake, this kit is a short-term, emergency solution. It’ll get you through a few days only.

Even Solkoa says these are the “minimum components necessary for obtaining, treating and storing water during an unexpected night out or short duration emergencies”.

VIDEO Review And Kit Features On The NEXT PAGE

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