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[Video Review] The Survive! Knife GSO-5.1

New And Improved GSO-5 Knife

Available for order in 2016, the Survive! GSO 5.1 is a full-sized medium utility knife.

Reviewed in the video below by Black Scout Survival, this new version has several improvements over the older model.

survival knife

Survive! GSO 5.1 Knife

Knife Upgrades:

  • a re-engineered and lengthened handle,
  • an upgraded blade finish,
  • fasteners with a more durable Torx T-25 style head instead of slotted, and
  • longer strike (ferro rod) profile along the spine.

Black Scout is notorious for snapping the tips off review knives. Not this one, though he does try to.

Complete VIDEO Review On PAGE 2

[Video] EmberLit Original Wood Burning Camp Stove

Review Of Emberlit Compact Wood Stove

Krik and Stony of Black Owl Outdoors demo the stainless steel EmberLit compact, wood burning stove. There is a more expensive titanium version which should warp less than this 304 stainless steel unit.

Here’s what Emberlit says about warping:

With use, the individual panels that make up the EmberLit may take on a slight warp. This is normal and doesn’t affect the assembly or durability of the stove

… or its lifetime warranty.

Emberlit Stove

Emberlit Stove

I know mild steel and (expensive) titanium can handle heat better than stainless, but this is one piece of gear we use often … and we’ve had no real problems with warping.

VIDEO Review Of The Emberlit Stove On Page 2

[Video Review] Leatherman Signal MultiTool

Wilderness Survival MultiTool

Is the Leatherman Signal something you need … or a just a gimmicky “don’t need it” multitool?


Tanner Compares Two MultiTools

Well, Chris Tanner of Preparedmind101 answers that question in his video review below. He runs through all the tools and functions of the Signal, giving his honest unpaid opinions. (Is everyone being paid for reviews today?)

Comparing it to his favorite tool, the Leatherman Surge, Chris comes to a final conclusion.

VIDEO Review (And Answer) On Page 2


[Video How-To] Building A Fire In The Rain

Rain All Day, Fire All Night

You might remember this video from six years ago. Whether you’ve seen it or not, it’s worth another view.

splitting tinder

Building A Fire In the Rain

The IA Woodsman is camped in the woods, and its been raining all day. A soaking rain. He wants a fire … so he starts one, using only his folding knife and a metal match and …

He grabs a dead-standing branch that’s been off the ground, and several pieces of bark.

VIDEO Demo With Details On PAGE 2

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