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[Videos] Bug-Out Bag: What-To And How-To Pack

The Why And What Of Your Bug Out Bag

As everyone(?) knows, your bug out bag (BOB) is what you grab when you have to leave. And I mean leave right now. For the most part, it’s prepacked with the most essential items you need to survive for the next 72 hours or so.

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What-To And How To Pack

Survival Lilly shows in 3 videos (we’ll publish the third one when it’s available):

  • what she packs
  • why she packs it, and
  • how it goes into her BOB rucksack.

Basic Packing, You Start With A List And …

The least important items go in first. Then you pack the gear you want to be able to get at quickly. Pretty obvious, but think about it carefully. You pack the most important stuff that you can carry quickly and comfortably. The kitchen sink stays at home.


Best Survival Food For Your Bug Out Bag

Nutrition & Calories

What food should you pack in your bug out bag? It’s has to provide enough energy to help you get where you’re going. It should be lightweight … you have other important heavier stuff you need to carry.

The food for your bug out bag should have some healthy nutritional value. And maybe it should even taste good … at least a little.

The following article provides the info you need. Although this is one man’s idea of bug out survival food, I think it gives everyone enough “food for thought” (sorry).

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Food-Packed Bug Out

There is one point I want to emphasize: as stated below, you should purchase stuff you already like to eat. Why? So you’ll eat it now and keep your bug out stock fresh. Remember, first in, first out.

Bug Out Survival Foods

Food for your pack needs … thought.  Nutritional value, weight, ease of preparation, calories ( Because you will be burning them up quickly ), and lastly, but very important, taste …

… I will lay out a few ground rules.  ‘We’ should be looking for food that will stay good in your pack for a year.  Can be eaten without cooking or just add water.

Will give you the nutrition you require to push through to achieve the objective.  It should be stuff that you currently eat, so you can use it and replace it regularly. [My emphasis] Last is affordability.

Alexander Wolfe over at TEOTWAWKI blog said something a while back that stuck with me …  [E]ach ounce needs to have about 100 calories.  I liked the sound of that and have been using that as a benchmark in my purchases …

Energy Bars

This is a big category … I stock 5 different Energy Bars here, so I will use them as examples.  My favorite is the Clif Bar.

1. Clif Bars – Many great flavors … I could live on Clif Bars and water, for a long time.  Great sustained energy.  My experience with them is that one year is about its lifespan …

2.4 ounces    260 calories  Fat 7g   Protein 9g   Carbs 41

2. Tiger’s Milk Bar –  Tigers Milk Bars won’t stand up to the heat very well due to the chocolate coating.  Not only do you get some good stuff in you, but the morale boost gives it extra credit points.

1.23 ounces   140 calories   Fat 5g   Protein 6g   Carbs 18g

3. The Power Bar –  Power Bars have improved greatly in taste.  Shelf life is years, if kept fairly cool.

2.29 ounces   240 calories   Fat 4g   Protein 9g   Carbs 44g

4. Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bar Peanut – Nature Valley Bars are amazing tasting … They are slightly fragile … and can get melty.

 1.2 ounces   170 calories   Fat 9g   Protein 4g   Carbs 20g

5. Fig BarNature’s Bakery Stone Ground Whole Wheat Fig Bars.  They come in Blueberry,  Raspberry, and Fig … Shelf life is a year or better.  As always fresher is better.

 2.0 ounces   220 calories   Fat 5g   Protein 4g   Carbs 40g


Pacific Gold Original Beef Jerky made from Top Round Steak.  Some jerky’s seem to lose their flavor quicker than others, this ain’t one of them …

1.25 ounces   90 calories   Fat 1g   Protein 14g   Carbs 8g

Krave Beef Jerky Sweet Chipotle.  Very tender pieces, excellent quality … Flavor is deep, made in the USA …

3.25 ounces   315 calories   Fat 4.5   Protein 24g   Carbs 36g

I may have saved the best for last,  Epic 100% Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar … These ‘bars’ are amazing … These may be the most expensive price per ounce item in this post, but nothing beats the quality.

Dehydrated Meals

First the bad, maybe the only problem, you need water and heat, most of the time.  That means time and energy.  Don’t forget about the smells and light associated with heating water or cooking …

Backpackers Pantry Spicy Thai Peanut Sauce.  It’s sauce over brown rice and veggies … it is meatless so for some of you carnivores it might not sound great, but trust me they are great.

8.1 ounces   1000 calories   Fat 52g   Protein 40g   Carbs 112g

Those numbers represent 2 servings as indicated on the package.  Cost about $6 …

More Options

Hot cereals, oatmeal, and soup mixes all can be had for cheap with good shelf life.  My favorite quick breakfast is Quaker Real Medley’s Oatmeal cups. … The stats that follow are for the Maple Pecan Raisin cups.

2.46 ounces   270 calories  Fat 7g   Protein 6g   Carbs 49g

Now that may seem like small numbers, but I can say from experience that a cup of this can sustain you for hours of hard work …

MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat)

Careful when buying these, check the expiration dates.  There are many on sites like Ebay that are getting old and their storage has been suspect.  Manufacturers are making civilian offerings, go that route.

They are on the heavy side, but need no cooking, maybe a little heat.  They are also affordable … The whole point of this post is to show you options that are inexpensive, easy to use and give you the energy you need …

Source: Father, coach, and “gear junkie”, Pineslayer, contributes must-read articles to both SHTFBlog and Survival Cache.

Image: Tookapic