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10 Tips: How To Protect Your Food Supplies

Food Storage Tips

You’re getting serious about your survival food supplies storage.

  • How do you prep a storage area?
  • How do you make sure your food investment lasts as long as it should?
  • And just what are these “oxygen safeguards” you’ve heard about?
Protecting Food Supplies

Protecting Food Supplies

Well, check out these tips to minimize costly mistakes. You’ll be glad you did.

Having restricted space and living in a hot sticky atmosphere for no less than 120 days out of the year, I am extremely acquainted with capacity issues.

Preferably, sustenance ought to be put away at around 50-55 degrees, without any that 15% dampness. Does that mean you can’t store food in the event that you don’t have these perfect conditions? Obviously you can! The conditions depicted are “ideally” sort situation, and we all know it’s not impeccable, else we would not have to store sustenance.


Summer temperatures in California achieve more than 90 degrees with 70% stickiness. To spare power, we keep the aerating and cooling at around 68-70 degrees. The A/C eliminates dampness, however dampness still leaks in. This is something we can’t overlook. We simply consider that the nourishment put away won’t keep going the length of it would have at cooler, drier temperatures.
Here are a few tips:

1. Clear out a section before obtaining started, or as you provide grows. Clean out the junk closet and sell or present things, leaving free area for food storage. Attempt exploitation below utilized areas like under the beds, within empty suitcases or TV cupboard.

2. Keep away from waste and store just sustenance that you’re family eats. Fight the temptation to stock up marked down or stopped things simply due to the low cost.

Pick canned food that have the longest close dates. Try not to purchase jars that are scratched or distorted regardless of the fact that they are vigorously marked down. Albeit a few studies have indicated they can last a couple of years past their termination dates, I lean toward not to hazard it, particularly after a companion’s heartbreaking knowledge. Getting sick from eating ruined sustenance is not justified, despite all the trouble.

Source:  Please review the remainder of John Turner’s tips in the Patriot Direct blog. They include those pesky oxygen standards.

Image: Jaymet Hunt

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