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[Video] Safer Travel Routes After The SHTF

3 Low Profile Alternate Travel Routes

Okay. We start with the S has HTF scenario. You have to (want to) to get from here to there, wherever here and there are.

stream bed

Following A Stream

You know what you must do once you arrive at your bug out location (if that’s where you’re going), you just need to get there safely. You don’t want to attract any undue attention. You want to maintain a low profile … which means staying off the roadways.

VIDEO Describing 3 Alternate Routes On Page 2

[Video Review] New Escape and Evasion Training DVD

Southern Prepper1 Review Of New DVD

The folks at Survival Summit released their latest DVD today (1/5/2016). Titled “Survival Escape And Evasion”, it’s an hour and forty minute training course on how to get yourself out of captive situations … and avoid them altogether.

In the video below Southern Prepper1 does a quick review the DVD contents including:

  • Escaping illegal restraints (handcuffs, duct tape, zip ties, flex cuffs);
  • How to escape from a car trunk while handcuffed;
  • How to hide your EDC to escape illegal restraints;
  • How to lose someone who you suspect is following you;
  • Anti-tracking and counter-surveillance techniques;
  • Untraceable communications;
  • Lock picking with tools and every day items;
  • Gray man disguises that will make you virtually disappear;
  • And more.

Watch the video for the complete review. If you’re interested in more info on the DVD, there’s a link below the video.



More Info On The DVD: The link to Survival Summit Site (not an affiliate link)

[Video Review] EDC Bag From County Comm

An EDC Bag: The Bac-Sac 2.0

Looking for an every day carry bag? One that appears natural in both rural and urban settings ? Big enough to to fit all your EDC, but still compact, strong and lightweight?

Well, County Comm’s Bac-Sac may be it. A perfect gray man (blending-in) bag, this canvas sac has a high thumbs up from the Sensible Prepper in the video below. It’s become his EDC bag/day pack of choice.

every day carry bag

Bac-Sac 2.0 … Gray Man EDC Bag?

Bac-Sac 2.0 Upgrades & Features

The upgrades from the 1.0 version include:

  • Horizontal front pocket 12″ x 5″,
  • Black antique nickel hardware throughout,
  • Orange shockcord inside for keys, and
  • Adjustable Chicago Screw cinch closure with rope-toggle.

VIDEO Review And Bag Features On Page 2