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[Video] Hunting And Field Dressing A Duck

Survival Lilly Shoots And Field Dresses Duck

Survival Lilly once again demonstrates her survival skills in the field. She hunts along a tree-lined stream that runs through tilled farmland.

With her double-barreled shotgun and her dog Dax, she flushes a duck from brush along the stream and brings it down with a quick, clean shot. Dax retrieves nicely.

field dressing a duck

Hunting And Field Dressing Game

If you’re wondering, she uses steel shot cartridges.

Field Dressing Game

Lilly expertly splits the skin and removes both breasts and legs. Nice job. Watch the short video below for more details … and a beautiful view of the Austrian countryside.

And, as always, Learn, Practice, and Share.



Source & Image: Survival Lilly

[Video] How To Increase Your Survival Chances

Growing Your Self-Reliance

If you’re familiar with Dave Canterbury’s videos, you know he’s made several on both fire-making and trapping in a variety of environments. You’ve also seen him document his own learning process as he works with stone, wood and metal.

Essentially his survival skills have evolved over time as he learns, practices, and perfects a variety of skills.

rifle and animal skins on wall

Increasing Your Survival Chances

And that’s what this video is about: Your survival depends on adapting quickly and successfully to changing environments. How well you develop and practice skill sets today determines your chance for survival in the future.

Improving Survival  VIDEO On Page 2

7 Questions You Must Ask About Your Survival Supplies

Questions About Your Emergency Supplies

As a responsible and diligent prepper, you’ve been stocking up on supplies your family will need in the event of a natural or man-caused disaster.


Questions About Your Supplies

You know each family member requires at least 72 hours of survival stocks. Probably much more.

And based on Core 4 and the Law of 3’s,  you make seasonal prep adjustments in clothing and emergency shelter.

LIST Of Questions On Page 2

[Video] Extreme Close-In Practice At The Firing Range

Training For Realistic Situations

When practicing with your EDC firearm at the range, you should vary both the your distances to the target and your shooting stances. Close-in threats occur within 7 yards, most a lot closer.

assailant close to you

Close-In Firing Range Practice

Whether open or concealed carry, you need to practice so you’re comfortable (and quick) responding to these “in-your-face” life or death threats.

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