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[Video] Using The Scaffold Hitch For An Improvised Seat

How To Tie A Scaffold Hitch

The so-called scaffold hitch is used to create a raised hanging plank support or an improvised seat. You tie-off this hitch with a bowline knot backed-up with a double fisherman’s knot.

hitch knots

Scaffold Hitch, Bowline Hitch & Double Fisherman Knots

Part of their knot-of-the-week series, ITS Tactical uses a small wood piece to demo the hitch. A finished hanging seat set-up is shown at the end of the video.

One caution: they use paracord for this video tutorial. Don’t. Use other cordage when tying a scaffold hitch. You don’t want the paracord to slip off your weight-bearing board.

Knot Tying VIDEO Demo On Page 2

[Video] How To Tie The Prusik Hitch Knot

A Friction Hitch Autoblock Knot

The Prusik is a useful rope-grap for rescue missions and as a backup during rappelling. The “Prusik loop” is made by cinching tight a double fisherman’s knot on a single, smaller diameter cord.

prusik hitch

Tying The Prusik Hitch Knot

This loop is triple-wrapped (at most) around the larger static (rappel) cord: this is the actual Prusik knot or friction hitch.


[Video] How To Tie A Constrictor Knot

Constrictor Knot And The Slipped Variation

More secure than the clove hitch, the constrictor is a binding knot that may be difficult to untie once tightened: the knot tightens the more it’s pulled.

constrictor knot demo

Tying Constrictor Knots

It’s a fast, easy knot: working end around the object, crossing back over that line creating a figure eight shape on object, then passing the working end over the standing part of line, then under the first two wraps.

See? ( Sorry. I know the knot, and it’s hard for me to see. Just watch the video.)

Knot Demo VIDEO On PAGE 2

[Video] Tying A Clove Hitch Knot And Variations

An Important Hitch Knot

The clove hitch is considered one of the most important and basic knots. Useful where the length of the running end needs to be adjustable ( since feeding in rope from either direction will loosen it), this knot can fail under heavy loads.

hitch knot demo

Tying A Clove Hitch

It’s best used as a brake or check on an object to keep it from getting out of control. But it should never be used as a permanent tie-off in a climbing or life-saving situation.

VIDEO Knot Demo On PAGE 2