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James Wesley Rawles Announces New Book

Land Of Promise

On this week’s Prepper Recon Podcast former military intelligence officer, James Wesley Rawles, announces his new book, Land of Promise.

Rawles, author of the Survival Blog, is probably responsible for the “prepper fiction” genre with his Patriot book series. And his ten years of survival articles places him at the forefront of preparedness.

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The Value Of Nickels

In this Part 1 of a two-part interview, Rawles discusses the precarious global economy. He also offers some great prepper insights including:

  • How different markets work … and don’t work
  • Why you should hedge towards tangibles (silver, for example)
  • How much cash you should have on-hand, and where to keep it
  • Why a nickel is worth 8 cents
  • Poor man’s gold, poor man’s silver
  • Why you should “panic now and avoid the rush”
  • The importance of hard copies of manuals, recipes, and survival guides

Watch The Video Below

Listen and learn (or be reminded):


Part 2 of the interview is available next week.

Image: Diana Caballero