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[Video] Simple Tools For Maintaining Your Knife

Sharpening And Honing Your Knife

Dave Canterbury of Self-Reliance Outfitters believes many folks over-complicate the knife sharpening process, especially with the equipment they use.

don't make knife sharpening over-complicated

Simple Knife Sharpening Process

In the video , Dave shows all the equipment he needs in his shop to sharpen and hone his knives. Essentially, all he uses are water stones, a rubber stand to hold a stone, olive oil (for high carbon steel knives), and a compound-prepped double-sided strop.

Towards the end of the video he also discusses knife maintenance in the field.

Knife Sharpening VIDEO On Page 2

[Video] How To Clean Your Ceramic Sharpening Rod

Knife Sharpening Rod Clean In 2 Minutes

Do you use a ceramic rod to sharpen your knives? Have you had it for a while? Then it’s probably marked and covered by the steel removed from all those knives after many sharpenings.

knife sharpening rod

Ceramic Sharpening Rod

With the ceramic pores filled with metal grit, the rod is a less efficient sharpener. So it’s time to clean it.

VIDEO Of Quick Cleaning Tip On PAGE 2

[Video] Q & A On Fire, Bushcraft, And Knife Notch

Call And Response Video

Black Owl Outdoors does another of their “Call And Response” (Q&A) videos.

open knife

Why The Notch?

Today they answer three questions:

  1. Opinion on friction fire and its use a practical skill,
  2. Inspiration for their focus on all things bushcraft, and
  3. Why the notch at the base of his knife blade?

The answers in the video below (hints: a future skill, native cultures, and preventing a dull spot).




Source: Black Owl Outdoors

Image: Snufkin

[Video] 3 Step Knife Sharpening

Lilly Sharpens Her Knife

Your knife is a basic survival tool. Keeping it sharp and polished is a basic skill.

So … In this video Lilly displays her knife sharpening skills on a Coldsteel SRK knife. Tools needed:

  • a DC4 diamond/ceramic sharpening stone
  • an Arkansas whetstone, and
  • a leather belt

Diamond side, then ceramic side, to whetstone, then the polish belt. The critical lesson here is the knife-sharpening angle.

Watch The Short Video Below


Source: Survival Lilly