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5 Lessons Learned While Searching For Bug Out Property

Wrong Land, Bug-Out Nightmares?

The after nightmare: The SHTF and you and your family immediately head to your bug out land where you’ve prepped a camp with food stocks and other survival supplies.

lake view

A Good Land Choice?

And you’re met there by an armed group who quickly invite you off their land … possession being 9/10th’s and all that.

Or a version of nightmare #1: You’ve dragged your family and supplies to your camp, and four days later you meet the neighbor … and twenty of his family members who are hungry and ornery and who knows what else.

On PAGE 2:  5 Things To Consider Before You Purchase Land

[Video] A Day With Krik Of Black Owl Outdoors

Autumn Day In The Woods

On a beautiful autumn day, Krik of Black Owl Outdoors decided to take his iPhone 6 and head off to a parcel of Pennsylvania land that has been in his family for quite some time.

There are no super prepping or survival lessons here. Just a relaxing video of a beautiful part of our country. An iPhone video of a road/hiking trip.

hiking in the woods

A Day With Krik Of Black Owl Outdoors

And one surprise … I’d be pissed, too.