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3 Lean-To Ridge Line Knots Using SurvivorCord

Evenk, Fisherman, and Trucker Knots

Using Titan SurvivorCord, the Survivalist Prepper demonstrates 3 lean-to ridge line knots:

  1. the Evenk (Siberian hitch) knot
  2. the fisherman’s knot, and
  3. the trucker’s hitch.

The Evenk knot is easy to tie, even with cold weather gloves on. And the slipped knot is quickly released with a simple pull of the cord’s working end.

3 knots to know

3 Lean-To Ridge Line Knots Using SurvivorCord

The fisherman’s knot (also known as the angler’s knot, English knot, halibut knot, or waterman’s knot) is used for joining two lines, and can be easily tied with cold, wet hands.

VIDEO How-To Demo — And A Great Knot Resource On Page 2

How To Tie Loop Knots Including The Bowline

Three Loop Knots

Since my early days in the Boy Scouts, knots have fascinated me. I know, “fascination” is odd word to use with knots, but … so what.

The video below expertly demonstrates how to tie three loop knots:  the Overhand Loop, the Stopped Loop, and the Bowline. Each knot is graded (1 to 5 scale) on strength, security, stability, and difficulty.

Which Knot To Use Quiz

Okay, here’s your quick knot test. Which knot to use when you need:

  • a quick option for tying down cargo, or need a quick attachment point?
  • to create a fixed loop in a line?
  • to know how to tie one, and only one, knot?

The answers are in video below.



Source: Bryan Black at ITS Tactical does great work.