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10 Things We Wish We’d Known Before Going Off Grid

Off Grid Reality

Nick Fouch and Esther Emery, the YouTube channel Fouch-o-matic Off Grid couple, have been living off the grid since 2013. In the video below they discuss–with solutions–10 things they wish they knew before beginning their homestead adventure.

Actually, they already sorta knew all this, but some of the details of the actual implementation took them by surprise … sometimes.

fouch o matic

Going Off Grid>

10 Things To Really Know Beforehand

1) Solar power is easier than you think. It does work.

2) Plants can’t grow without soil; and if you don’t have good soil, you’ve got to make it. Think organic matter.

3) Water runs downhill, so a spring “up there” means water “down here”. A water system is easier than you think.

4) Carrying water is grueling and “demoralizing” work… figure out plumbing any way you can. Especially for winter months.

5) Batteries run out. LED lights only “sip” off a battery bank, and rechargeable items (like headlamps) are more efficient than packs of AA batteries.

The VIDEO And Items 6 Through 10 On The Next Page:

Off Grid Reality Gut Check

One Family’s Off Grid Lifestyle

An excellent view of one family’s off grid reality lifestyle. This is a close-up of deep woods prep that includes:

living off the grid

Off Grid Reality

  • the rough cut road
  • their solar power array and electrical hookups
  • power conservation
  • a pump and boosters that pull well water from 100′ away
  • temporary “make-do” setups
  • the start of the family’s septic system
  • a wood chip gasifier, and
  • fruit tree plantings.

Watch the video to get a true reality check of what off grid living means to one family. Not as romantic as some might think … but an inspiring example of what can be done.

Boots On The Ground:


Source & Images: engineer775 Practical Preppers